Welcome to another Inspiration Monday!

This week I’m getting real about something that few women want to talk about with their girlfriends let alone shout it out to the world!

The thing about me if you didn’t know it is that I have no shame or guilt when my body decides to take on a life of its own…like last week!

The good news is that there is hope for stomach bloat which is why I’m not alarmed or even annoyed that I’m dealing with this. It just kinda makes sense.

Now what I will tell you is that I won’t let it go any further than a few days of bloating because I know this is one of the first signs that my body needs me to do things differently and if I don’t then I know it’s downhill from there. You can expect crazy cravings, overeating, exhaustion, sleeplessness and well, the list goes on and on.

So what’s a girl to do when this happens?

First you need to know that an occasional bloat is much easier to fix than a chronic bloating issue…chronic bloating has its root causes in a much deeper issue of food sensitivities, unfriendly bacteria inhabiting your gut, eating the wrong foods and even leaky gut syndrome.

This is exactly what gets addressed and healed in the Sugar Freedom Method Program! Maybe you heard of it? 😀

For today I’d like to share with you some quick strategies I personally use to bring down the bloat on days when my body is simply off… go ahead and try them if you’ve been suffering from bloat and you’re concerned that it’s bathing suit weather and you know you deserve to look and feel your best!

After 15 years of supporting women in overcoming belly bloat, body issues, exhaustion, stubborn weight and sugar addiction I can promise you that over time, little by little, big change happens.


1. Only eat when you’re not under stress and can concentrate on chewing your food and being mindful.If we eat under stressful/emotionally charged conditions we’re just asking for our bodies to improperly digest our food. If we don’t chew our food well we put stress on our stomachs to break it down and that’s a sure fire recipe for bloat! That was my downfall last week!

2. Stop grazing all day.Our stomachs need a break to digest food and absorb nutrients. If we keep putting food in there how do we expect it to do its job well. It’s kinda like when you’re trying to concentrate on getting work done and your kid keeps interrupting you with a question. Nothing gets done. Same goes for your stomach.

3. Don’t drink water 10 minutes before you eat and at least 10 minutes after you eat and for sure don’t drink water or any liquid with your meals. Those with sensitive stomachs need to be mindful of how sensitive the acid in their stomach is. And if you’ve ever suffered with gastritis, ulcer or any stomach issues, like I have, you have to be even more mindful. By drinking liquid and then eating you’re diluting your stomach’s ability to “burn up” the food you just ate which will then cause indigestion and well….belly bloat.

So there you have it!

My 3 best strategies to beat the bloat. I immediately caught myself this week and from just doing these 3 things consistently I can notice a difference. Like I mentioned earlier, if it’s not a chronic issue the body can correct itself fairly quickly.



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