Ever go food shopping and not feel sure if what you’re buying is healthy? You have the best intentions but somehow with all the latest reports that come out contradicting what was once considered a healthy food, you’re left doubting yourself.

I know I have on many occasions!

Now go and hit up one of those large box stores such as Costco and magnify that feeling by 100!

If you’ve ever been to Costco which pretty much everyone I know has, at some point in time, especially if you have a family, you might recall the store is lined with aisles and aisles of canned food, beverages, frozen products, vitamins + supplements, paper products, vegetables refrigerated or not!, cakes + cookies, bread, clothes, electronics and on and on and on…

It’s either your dream store or your worst nightmare!

For me it’s been my worst nightmare for more years than I care to share but as my family began to grow into the family of 5 it just made sense to buy some things in bulk 1x/month and spare myself the regular food store shopping experience. You see, if you weren’t already aware of how food stores are “rigged” and yes I used that word for a reason, they are loaded with impulse buys at every turn. So for me rather than deal with all of that I tend to go food shopping with a list and I do my best to focus and only buy what I need VERSUS what my eyes and mind tell me I want just from seeing it.

Kinda like when I checked out from a food store the other day and THIS was in my face, on sale no less, while I waited in line. Can I get an “OY VEY!”.

Now onto Costco…

The idea for this post came one day when I went shopping like I always do and aisle after aisle I watched people unknowingly choosing items that I not only wouldn’t dare feed my family but just one product over was the item I WOULD buy and they simply overlooked it not knowing what to look for!

I decided the best way to ease my frustration was to EDUCATE as many people as possible so they too could be smart shoppers.

Here’s a perfect example. Let’s talk frozen fruit… some is organic, some is not. They sit right next to each other in the freezer…the difference is that that non organic fruit is LOADED with belly bloating, hormone disrupting and immune destroying chemicals. Huge difference. And study’s show organic food has a higher nutritional value so pay for the organic now and watch how many less copays you’ve got visiting the doctor for coughs, sore throats, fevers, flu…

Frozen Fruit

Buy it organic and you’re golden. There is nothing added. We buy this in bulk and make morning smoothies. I add a high quality probiotic to the blend sometimes for added gut punch! Here is a quick ans easy smoothie recipe: 1 scoop Superphactor protein powder ( sold in Phountain Detox stores on Long Island and their online store), handful organic frozen blueberries or tropical blend shown below, handful of baby kale, 1 TBL of hemp seeds (image below), 1 TBL nut butter of choice (optional), ice, blend and enjoy!!

Hemp Seeds 

Nuff said. They’re great for your health and they’re organic. You save so much money buying this at Costco. I refrigerate the bag to keep it fresh and add to my morning oatmeal or favorite smoothie recipe (there is an example recipe above)!


This is a great brand if I say so myself. And believe you me when I say that not all hummus is created equal. Most are loaded with bad oils, natural flavors and a whole lotta chemicals. Just see for yourself. So if you’re not up for making your own which is the best and really doesn’t take more than 3 minutes in a blender then go and try this and enjoy with a few organic celery or carrot sticks.

Raw almonds

These are tasty and not roasted with inflammatory oils that cause more harm than good. And while raw almonds are good for you, truth be told, some companies sell them and they taste super stale. Yuck. Costco has managed to keep them fresh. Yes!

Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon (frozen)

This is such a huge find. Costco sells this salmon in bulk at about 1/2 the price of what I used to pay at Whole Foods. There is only 1 ingredient. You can’t beat that! And this is NOT to be confused with the Marinated Wild Alaskan Salmon found in the freezer right next to this salmon-see below for my 2 pictures. It’s MARINATED in chemicals that cause inflammation and cravings.  When I cook my salmon I simply add a little salt and pepper, pat of grass fed butter (also sold at Costco), organic first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. YUM!

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Figgy Pops!

These are the real deal. A nutritious bite sized snack my whole family loves. They use coconut oil versus some rancid peanut, soy, canola oil stuff I never trust…I’ve even read you have to watch out for sunflower and safflower oil but for now the 3 above I avoid like the plague! And every other ingredient is comprehendible… sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dates, cinnamon, cardamom….

GoGo Squeez!

This is a huge hit for my little girl. And while I’m not a huge fan of prepackaged drinks, I always prefer fresh, and preferably not using packaging that further pollutes our planet…but I digress…this is all organic with NO artificial or natural flavors (which can contain up to 100 ingredients!) or citric acid (which is mold by the way!) or anything else that is disguised as healthy. It’s straight organic veggie and fruit juices and are great for an on the go treat!

Kerry Gold Butter

SCORE! If you haven’t tried this butter yet it’s a must. I promise you’ll never use anything else. We go through sticks of this each week. It comes from grass fed cows from Ireland… nuff’ said!

Coconut Water

Need to be rehydrated or add back some electrolytes to your kids’ system after a long afternoon practice? Skip. The. Gatorade. Pleeez. This is your drink of champions. You just need to know not all brands are created equal. Costco has 3 and I wouldn’t touch 2 out of 3. Here’s why…

Kirkland Signature Brand- contains cane sugar! REALLY!?!

Vita Coco Brand- contains natural fruit sugar! I’m not even sure what that is although I do understand what the word “sugar” means in an ingredient list– NO THANK YOU!!

Zico Brand – contains coconut water. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The 1 ingredient drink wins it. Just straight up coconut water.

100% Grassfed Polish Sausage

I call these a glorified hotdog done right! They are so delish and I met a representative for the company who was kind, and compassionate and passionate about the quality of this product and how they treat their animals. He even mentioned how amazing the other staff and CEO of the company are….apparently it’s a family affair. LOVE! One bite of these and you’ll make it a family treat like we do.

Real Maple Syrup

Nothing beats the real deal. And in this case a deal on how little it costs to enjoy some delish maple syrup in your cooked oatmeal or on some yummy homemade pancakes. When in doubt, skip the calorie counting and the fake syrup loaded with chemicals and go all natural.

So there you have it.

Jenn’s 11 Favorite Cravings Free Foods to Buy At Costco.

You may be asking yourself “Jenn, why do you call these cravings free foods? They’re not just fruits and vegetables. I thought only those types of foods didn’t cause cravings?”

Great question. 🙂

Truth be told, different people react differently to foods so only you and your body will be the judge of what works or doesn’t work for you. And with that said from 14+ years experience working with countless numbers of women to help them kick + manage cravings long term, when they removed the chemicals from their diet and sprinkled it with a few of my time tested tricks, CRAVINGS SUBSIDED.

Here’s what one client had to say about our work together…

“I hired Jenn as a health coach as I had issues with yo yo dieting and never getting any permanent results. I could see it was an unhealthy lifestyle to have my weight go up and down like it was. One of my challenges, I was buying 6 to 8 and sometimes even a whole box of protein bars a week. I would eat at least 1 a day but sometimes 2/day.

We came up with a plan to eliminate those from my routine as they were not serving my body with good nutrition. Well I did eliminate them but a few months later I was traveling and in a pinch bought one that I used to eat all the time and thought was “healthy”. My first bite tasted like total crap. After eating 1/2 because I had nothing else to eat I threw it away. The thing tasted like chemicals in my mouth. I used to think this bar tasted so wonderful. Boy, was I wrong.

And I have to say I LOVE being binge free, it always felt like it held me captive in moving forward in my life and now it feels like I’ve been set free from just a bad habit.” – Dawn, biz owner and mom.

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