Feeling E-N-E-R-G-I-Z-E-D thru the Holidays can be a challenge – let’s be honest! I specifically chose that for this week’s focus because having energy is the last thing on anyone’s mind right now. Am I right?

What’s interesting is that if you know me personally you know I’m pretty much consistently upbeat and energized during the day and a positive thinker ANY time of year. My way of being and thinking doesn’t ebb and flow through the seasons. In fact, a lot of women hire me based on my high energy and authentic way I present myself (blushing).

So as I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you this November I couldn’t get out of my head about the fact that I see so many women letting themselves get frantic about holiday obligations, stressed out about gaining weight, and over consuming coffee and/or wine just to make it through. I even see women over exercising hoping they can “control it all”, including their weight, if they just do more! I call it “muscling their way” through the holidays

Maybe you can relate even slightly?

You know how the phrase goes… “So much to do, so little time!”.

Who has any time to think about how to have more energy through the holidays. I know it can be daunting and it’s usually on the back burner. Well, my friends, that is where I come in!!

As a mom of 3 kids under age 10, biz owner, sugar addict and empowerment coach for over 14 years, I have found a few simple-to-implement tricks that can help keep you ENERGIZED through the holidays.

Quick side note: it IS healthy to get a cold  every now and again.  So don’t get all down on yourself if you follow what I’m saying and you wake up not feeling great one day. It’s actually the body’s way of getting rid of toxins that have built up.  The great news is that if you take care of yourself and don’t medicate the cold to make it go away quicker, you will have MORE energy when it’s over 🙂 yup.

Here’s a pic of me sharing some top tricks with my kids’ Love of Learning Montessori school last year!!

Tips for staying healthy through the seasons

(Yeah, it’s one of my favorite things to do, so if you know of a local Long Island school or organization looking for a fun way to teach kids and women how to stay energized  and healthy, please have them contact me through my contact page.)

Jenn’s Top 3 Tips For Her Radiant Energy


1. Balance out your TO DO list with a TO BE list.

Um, yes you read that correctly. No it’s not about exercising more or eating healthier. Everyone knows that one. Everyone is also way too familiar with a TO DO list but only a select few know about a TO BE list. You know, it’s the stuff that you enjoy doing that is FUN… remember that word? Gotta get that proposal out to a client or get your kids to that extracurricular activity? No problem.

That same day, you should have something scheduled JUST FOR YOU, such as making yourself a cup of tea or calling that friend you’ve been meaning to call forever or even giving yourself 5 minutes with your door closed to just center yourself. If you can schedule a mid day yoga class where you can just be with your thoughts. Yup.

No one ever things to balance out their TO DO list. Am I right? It’s all about go go go, do do do. God forbid we do less one day…what would everyone think? What would your friends think if you told them you had a productive afternoon taking care of yourself? Is that even possible?

Well, I’m here to remind you that IT IS possible and it’s how I live my life so if you ever wonder how I manage it all, while keeping my energy up and having a body that remains lean through any season…well…you’ve just learned tip #1.



So simple, yet so complex. This is my SECRET weapon (well not so secret anymore).  When I feel a cold coming on I go to be early. If I had a stressful day and want to watch a little TV to unwind I’ll do it but I will make sure I go to bed by 10pm regardless.

When you sleep, the body repairs itself and detoxes naturally. Did you read that? The body actually detoxes at night and it also burns fat (if you haven’t drank any alcohol that night, it will burn fat otherwise it will burn off the alcohol. You choose.) Experts say to get between 6 and 8 hours of sleep every night. I find the right amount varies per person.

If you wake up refreshed, you know you’re doing something right. If you feel wired at night, struggle to fall asleep and then wake up feeling like you never slept a wink, you know your body is literally tired from the inside out. You must find ways to calm down at night. For many clients, I recommend a product called Natural Calm. Just add a little water to dissolve the powder. You can get it almost anywhere, but for sure at most health food stores!


3. Drink MORE MORE MORE filtered water!

When we get busy one of the first things that goes out the window is remembering to stay hydrated. Am I right? And if not, then good for you! The majority of women start drinking more coffee (which dehydrates you) and don’t want the inconvenience of having to use a bathroom when they’re in “busy mode”. Then we get home and pour ourselves a glass of wine or two, which further dehydrates us.

If you don’t already know, dehydration causes cravings and a whole host of other issues in the body! So let me be your reminder today to grab a stainless steel bottle and get your hands on some good ole’ filtered water, especially if you don’t want to keep buying bottled water…which I am not a fan of, by the way!

(Side note: We used Long Island Clean Water for our whole house system and the company is amazing. For those concerned about cost, they have  payment plans…please tell them I sent you if you end of going with them. I also have friends that use the Berkey system, which is a lot less money but does require cartridges to maintain it. You can buy it online for sure)




If you’ve been thinking you’d like support and someone to be by your side through the holidays, get questions answered, stop that unnecessary weight gain and have you feeling your best self when you spend time with the relatives, then you’re in the right place.

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