Today’s personal share comes from a place where I couldn’t sleep again! You know when that happens to you? Well for me it’s my wake up call big time to do something, say something, create something!!!

Just like 6 weeks ago I couldn’t sleep past 5am and the Universe called me to create Woman Unleashed VIP my 8 week group program for women all over the globe who are sassy, sensitive and powerhouses who have lost their way with their sugar addiction.

(Side note: that program is enrolling 5 new sassy women in May, so if you wanted a spot and thought you missed it, enroll here)

I knew I needed to shine MY LIGHT brighter in April for those who needed me to come find the work. 14 women later and our group is growing stronger!!!!

So I’ve got the same calling again but this time it’s to share my journey through living with mental illness + how it affects children when they become adults.

For those who this resonates just know it’s a GIFT to grow up in a family with mental illness and escape it’s grip it had on you as a kid. Being able to think for yourself as an adult and to start to separate those feelings you were surrounded by as a kid that weren’t yours is part of your AWAKENING.

The thing is once you’re awake it’s hard to go back.

And that’s where I’m at! I AM AWAKE.

(Being off cane sugar will do that by the way! That little bugger blocks your third eye and your ability to think and see clearly…but I digress!!)

For me it was growing up with a dad who was manic depressive and diagnosed as bipolar. He had every addiction you could imagine. As a family we appeared relatively normal but what was going on behind closed doors was anything but normal.

Funny thing is, kids are resilient! Most can bounce back from anything. I know I did.

The other truth is that kids absorb everything in their environment. EVERYTHING. And the trail of that absorption gets carried into your adulthood until it gets cleared.

So how did I shield myself growing up and well into my 20’s… I ate.

And with all that was going on I remember eating 1/2 gallon of turkey hill ice cream (in 2 days)! It was no big deal.

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As an awakened adult I now know I was abused somewhere somehow as a kid. You don’t need to have physical memory to know something happened (side note: telling your kid they’re lying when they come out and share that something happened as a kid is a NO NO 101 of Parenting). Your BODY NEVER LIES. So for me tuning into my body and what it’s trying to tell me was one of the BIGGEST WAYS I healed my sugar addiction. And this is part of the work I do with women who come see me. We tune back in!

I do believe I will still always be in recovery when I eat cane sugar…who can seriously stop after eating just 1 oreo-COME ON!!!! I can still down a row ….

The difference is I DON’T WANT TO ANYMORE.

The struggle is over. The mental indecision has melted into peace. My body is leaner, toner, stronger and healthier as a result.

And the best part, I didn’t have to fight for it.

I just did the work needed to accept my past and who I’ve become living with mental illness, heal those areas of my life that needed healing in order to move on, follow a certain diet that supports my best self, find an exercise routine that makes me feel strong, limit access to those who are not a part of my healing journey, limit people who prefer to tear down rather than build up + make my marriage healthier cause you know you bring garbage from your past into your marriage- how could you not?

For me, it’s all about honoring the journey each step of the way.


This is what I teach in my Woman Unleashed VIP group program and what I will continue to teach in every program that I birth next.

I’ve accepted that some people where put on this earth to shine their light BRIGHT so others can find their way back home…

I’m here if you want support on your journey.

Truth be told, with support ANYTHING is possible!!!!!!

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