So if you didn’t already hear, I’ve basically up-leveled my entire life.

By up-leveled I mean I’ve taken my biz to the next level and have created an entire Unleash Yourself Movement. It started with my 8 week group program: Woman Unleashed VIP and is moving into a year long mentorship program for all those women who are ready to play BIG. I’ve 5x my income in one month and have been attracting speaking gigs from those who like my message and want it out there!

My husband and I are redefining our marriage and what that looks like-more to come on that. We are at the lowest stress ever and highest amount of respect and joy to be with each other! We’re working on the passion piece…after 16 years that needs a tweak too :).

My kids now have less helicopter mom stuff going on and they are given the freedom, somewhat, to make decisions based on where they want to go in life! Yes! Don’t feel like doing homework or brushing your teeth today? Ok, who is that hurting? Don’t do it and experience the outcome. That’s right! It’s a whole new way of parenting.

My body gets worked out 3x/week in a way that works so I’m not obsessed with working out and hoping I’ll see results. I’m in the best shape of my life.

Why do I share all this with you?

Because you should know who is teaching you about health and life. You should know that their life is working and that they walk their talk. I say all the time that my Facebook pics pretty much reflect my life, minus a few yelling moments with the kids when I’ve just had enough!!!

Now onto those dam muffins!

Why as women (and a few good men!) do we put so much of our freakin’ energy into FOOD and DRINKING and what to eat, what not to eat!

Now don’t get me wrong, I put energy into what I eat and drink or don’t drink but for sure it’s not obsessive and it doesn’t consume my energy. It’s just a part of what I think about…these days its a very small part.

A muffin in reality will never make you FAT. It’s one muffin. It’s got about 200 calories, fat, sugar, some protein and it’s just that…a muffin.

How could one thing eaten on one day store as fat just like that and worse yet…make you fat.

I’ve come to appreciate that we’ve been SCAMMED our whole lives.


That’s right. We’ve been sold a bag of goods that says certain foods make us fat and others don’t.

It’s simply NOT TRUE.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not eating Dunkin Donuts muffins loaded with chemicals and GMO sugar and rancid oils but EVEN THEN one muffin on one day can’t make you fat. It’s impossible chemically!!!!

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The body will simply use the calories as energy or if it is eaten during a midnight frenzy (remember those days!! oy vey.) it may store a little bit if it’s not used to it but you’re not going to wake up the next day FAT.

It just doesn’t make any sense!!!!!!!! Am I right?

What does make us literally fat is STRESS.


You know that thing that we have going on all day long with high or low levels depending on how much you love your job, life, family, and all those choices you’ve made over the years!

Stress created a physical change of the body through the production of cortisol. That’s the fight or flight hormone.

Back in the day cortisol was super useful! If you had a saber tooth tiger coming at you, cortisol would pump out so you could run your ass off and survive the attack! Once you escaped, the cortisol would go back down because the fight was over.

These days we’re in fight or flight ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!


All day long.

So when cortisol pumps out it causes inflammation big time in your joints as arthritis, in your gut if you have gut issues like IBS, ulcers, loose stools or constipation etc..that is all stress related and in your mind if you are susceptible to anxiety or depression like I am!

So before you go ahead and blame that muffin, wine or bag of chips take a second look at what’s going on in your life that caused you STRESS that day.

And let’s break the habit of looking at food as making us FAT and take all of that fabulous energy that we could be using to do good in this world and do something.

I’d be honored if you joined me in my movement of unleashing women everywhere…one muffin at a time!!

And if my message resonates and you’re interested in my 8 week Woman Unleashed VIP group program send me back a quick message. I’ve reopened it for 5 women and one woman took a spot on Saturday while I was at the gym :).


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