Spring! It took what feels like forever to get here if you live on the east coast and now so many people I know find themselves suffering from the changing of seasons.

With all that said I am so grateful I got to share my expertise on Springtime allergies with my local Channel 12 news station this week!!

I wanted to share the major takeaway that I shared in my interview…most don’t know it to be true hence I’m so excited to share it with everyone on Long Island and now with you.

Springtime allergies are preventable and for sure are an immune system issue. Strengthen your immune system and you can significantly reduce your allergies.

Here I am with Mary from News 12 Long Island and a dear client and real estate broker extraordinaire, Janet Henderson. My Channel 12 news live airing is here.


Back to spring time allergies…

Most people miss this IMPORTANT POINT about springtime allergies and frankly living a more healthy, physically tone, energized life. They think allergy medicine will “set them straight” or at best help them get through the season. Truth be told what it does is put an bandaid on the underlying issues at best!

I know we all have busy lives so I’ll be real brief in the recap of what I shared (12 news interview going out in my email newsletter after it airs!). Not part of my email list? Join now:

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5 Spring Allergies Hacks!

 Count chemicals

Chemicals are in pretty much all foods so it’s tricky to take them all out. The thing is they cause cravings and for sure contribute to springtime allergies as they weaken the immune system. Your best bet is to start reading labels and simply choose organic foods first and foods that have the least amount of ingredients. I always say less ingredients = less chemicals. Plain and simple.


Clutter in your space absolutely causes brain fog + adds to low energy and for sure is part of the seasonal allergies. So much dust and allergens hide in clutter!. Chapter 4 of my book, Woman Unleashed talks all about this and gives you specific recommendations. Click on over here to get yourself a copy. Think better thoughts, simplify, get support, exercise.


Clean filtered water is a natural detoxer. Drink more every day. I can’t stress the importance of moving away from bottled water especially Poland Spring Water which is loaded with chemicals, and drinking more clean water. NOT to mention drinking more water in general. From personal experience I find that 7/10 women drink a glass or 2 maximum each day. They are so dehydrated no wonder their energy is all over the place.

Less Dairy

Less dairy in your life is a game changer. Dairy is inflammatory to the body and for sure causes histamine levels to increase …that’s the hormone produced as part of your immune system to create Inflammation in the form of mucus  to protect itself from harm…hence a lot of people take antihistamines to counter the effects!! If you reduce/eliminate dairy you will find that antihistamines are not needed. (note: raw dairy has been shown to not have the same detrimental effects on the body).

Physical Movement

Physical movement involving sweating is the body’s best friend! Exercise serves so many positive function in the body but for the purposes of today’s topic of Spring Cleaning it’s primary function is to get toxins from chemicals in the air, food and water circulating out of your cells and into your bloodstream where your skin, lungs, kidney, colon  and liver can handle them.

Skin through sweating, lungs through deep breathing, kidney’s through urination from all that water you’re drinking, colon through the natural contraction of intestinal muscles thru increased breathing and heart rate + liver through improved blood flow allowing the liver to send filtered blood back to your blood system easily! Who would have thought exercise did ALL that!

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