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I can not tell you how frustrated I get every year with the New Year, New You stuff that I see floating around.


If you really stop to think about it what are we really telling ourselves about the past year?

What are we really implying with the whole “New You” concept anyway?

I always read it as “you weren’t good enough last year so let’s make you New”. I also find that New is soooo overrated. We are a generation of new is better. When I used to talk to my grandparents it was amazing to hear about how it was in the olden days. Things actually seemed better. Maybe not quicker or easier but better.
Clothes got sewn by hand and even washed if you didn’t own a washing machine.

Food was home cooked.

There were no drive-thru restaurants.

If something broke, you fixed it or you learned from someone who knew how to fix it. You didn’t simply throw it away and buy a new one.

You walked to school. I know I used to. There was no hopping into a warm, cozy SUV that got you to school on time.

At one point I got to take a bus to school. If I missed that I got in trouble.

And don’t even get me started about money. I had chores and I earned money from working around the house.  There were no handouts.

Christmas time taught me that Santa was loving and kind but that he couldn’t get me every single thing on my list.  Looking back that was a good thing.

I got to have desires and wants that kept me excited about the new year!



So my friends as we enter into 2015 I’d like to challenge this so called New is Better concept that we are constantly coming up against.


Personally speaking I find myself having to constantly slow myself down because things are happening at such lightening speed all the time that I tend to feel nervous like I’m not keeping up or worse yet, I’m falling behind!


Ever feel that way? Nervous or anxious but you can’t quite put your finger on it?


Yeah.  That happens to me too.


I would LOVE to make this the year of New Year, Same You!

Because you are fine just the way you are. I mean really.


If you don’t quite believe me…..think about this for a minute….


It’s YOU who got you to where you are in life right now.


It’s YOU who made it happen in 2014, even if you didn’t get done everything you wanted to, I bet if you sat down right now and made a list of all your accomplishments you’d be pretty stoked!?


It’s YOU who keeps striving to be better, smarter, faster, healthier and even wealthier? Yes?


Well then my friends why do we need to look any further than ourselves in 2015 for the answers?

I have to admit there comes a time when even I look to a coach to help me find clarity but that feels different.

I KNOW I want clarity and I KNOW I can’t figure it out by myself in that moment so I do whatever it takes to keep me moving forward but I am in full acceptance of who I am when I’m making that decision.


If that’s what is going on for you too then right on!!


The same goes for when when my body feels like it needs a detox….I can feel it in my body that I need a change but I know my body can’t do it alone so I seek support from what happens to be my favorite 10 day detox 🙂 and I  get my body back to feeling goooood.


Make sense?


So my wish for you as we enter into the New Year is that you have peace in your heart knowing that whatever you want to create is within your reach because you have YOU.

And that my friends is good enough.


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