As I reflect back on all that the lessons learned, obstacles that have been overcome and the new ways of thinking I have adopted this past year I wanted to send you off into 2018 with ten wishes from me as you continue on your journey of greater health & self awareness in 2018.

So here it goes…


  •  May you always know your WORTH no matter how you feel that day.
  •  May PEACE OF MIND knock on your door on days when chaos is ensuing.
  •  May you trust that GOD has your back when everything feels like it’s coming crumbing down.
  •  May your INTUITION kick in on days when you don’t know what to do next.
  •  May you have TRUE FRIENDSHIPS and feel loved and cherished for the amazing person you are
  •  May ABUNDANCE flow into your life because you know it’s your birthright to have it.
  •  May you look into the mirror and only see what’s BEAUTIFUL.
  •  May your dark days bring LIGHTER DAYS.
  •  May your cravings be your GUIDE to what is missing in your life and…
  •  May you find the COURAGE to take the necessary steps to create that life you want + deserve!

THANK YOU for taking this journey with me.

And THANK YOU for being in my life. So much change is coming to Jenn Edden Coaching and what I plan to offer to support you all….stay tuned.

SEE YOU IN 2018!


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