This week’s article basically wrote itself. You know those moments where you get a button pushed and something just doesn’t feel quite right, but you can’t put your finger on it in the moment so you let it go?

Then it happens again a day later and then you can more easily access what you’re feeling.

Yeah. That’s me today.

To reward or not to reward…that is the question.

And after you reward yourself or someone else it’s so important to take a look at the reward.

Since I’m a foodie and for sure a sugar eater (when the timing is right and like I tell my kids, I am feeling 100% healthy!) I’m going to use the most recent example of a reward not being a reward that promotes health and well being.

This goes out to those people in the last 2 days that have given my girls chocolate and lollipops as a reward for something amazing they just did!

Scenario #1: Caitlin is at gymnastics class and just learned a new and amazing walking handstand. So naturally, the teacher is proud and at the end of class she proceeds to hand out a heart lollipop to each child. I watch their faces light up and even some of them go as far as to open it and eat it…it’s 7:30 at night and these girls are my daughter’s age, so I know they’re going to bed in the next hour or so…. Do you know what sugar does to the brain especially at night right before bed? Good luck getting a good night’s sleep!


Scenario #2: Sydney just sang an amazing rendition of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer to the manager of a local gym we go to. The woman was so excited for the performance, as was I, that she went into her office and came back with a Hershey’s kiss for Sydney to eat.

With all due respect for the thought behind both of these women, we really need to look at the thought IN FRONT OF IT of the most obvious thought which is “nice job kid, here’s a reward”.

Here’s where this article basically wrote itself…. sugar is NOT a reward. It’s a mind altering drug that people come seek my help to learn how to get off of because it’s ruling their life and their minds and their waistlines!

Sugar has been proven to light up parts of the brain in the same areas as cocaine. Other research has shown that with certain people just the mere looking at sweets starts to light up the pleasure center of the brain whereby they then crave it BEFORE they even taste it.

No wonder food stores so generously hand out free samples of sweets from the bakery in the store….

But I digress…

Why start kids out early getting hooked on a reward system that will get them addicted to sugar and have them seek out sugar on their own later in life when they do something that makes them proud?!!?


Worst part is that the ones giving out the candy are usually the ones that have sugar problems themselves, so great, let’s just make your problem other people’s problems too.

Trust me, I am no saint when it comes to rewards. It took me a long time to see what I was doing and to really take a look at what a true reward is versus one that “feels good in the moment” but will come back to bite you in the butt later.

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You know that reward you give yourself of a glass of wine or for me, that cookie or two or three for accomplishing so much but for sure the next day I will be left drained and personally speaking, a bit unfocused, which only sets me up to go down big time the next day.

Fast forward to today, my biggest rewards I give myself are life giving. Such as monthly massages and hiring a nanny to work part time so mama gets a break. My kids biggest rewards are MORE time with mom and MORE time outside to have fun and on occasion that extra earned iPad time or favorite toy they’ve been waiting months to get.

Rewards With Mom

Honestly at the end of the day, spending more time with friends and family that light me up is the best reward I can ever think of!

Till next time….

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