One of our most amazing clients who just joined the Sugar Freedom Method last week said she lost 2 pounds after getting off a Sugar Freedom Strategy Call with me.

I just loved that so much I had to share!

As women we try so hard to lose the weight and the truth is it’s not that hard if you understand how the body works.

She used to be on Optavia but after talking to me she decided the diet company was the reason she was gaining weight, not losing it.

If that wasn’t enough Optavia accidentally shipped her another package of their product. When she called to tell them she’s learning to eat whole unprocessed food now they said “Our products are all unprocessed food.”

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our newest member of the Sugar Freedom Method then hopped on a Q&A call last week to share that her cravings are coming down and that she’s starting to understand the cues here body is giving her!


The reason I’m sharing this is to expose all the lies that we are told by the diet industry on what will help us lose weight!

I decided to do a little investigating into one of Optavia’s products to see what is going on after many of our clients report losing 5-10lbs after getting off Optavia products and starting to follow the Sugar Freedom Method’s way of eating, drinking and living!

Here’s what’s in their smoothies…

Smoothie ingredients: Soy protein isolate, fructose, dextrin, whey protein concentrate, modified food starch, salt, soy lecithin, maltodextrin, cellulose gum, citric acid, steviol glycosides, red beet powder (color), xanthan gum, natural flavors, monk fruit extract, carrageenan, inulin, strawberry juice concentrate.

Honestly there is so much WRONG here that I don’t even know where to begin… almost every ingredient is unacceptable and causes MASSIVE inflammation in the body. It’s no wonder women don’t feel energized and for sure the weight will NEVER stay off.

The body simply can’t keep it off when it’s is loaded with chemicals not to mention chemicals cause cravings!

Does that make sense and make you want to rethink how you view all those diet programs/products and 100 calorie bars?

I hope so!


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