Truth. I was THAT kid.

The one that was bullied in high school + college.
The one that second guessed herself.
The one that never fit with the “IN” crowd.
The one that struggled with keeping friendships.
The one that would lose weight by any means possible (yes, I had a eating disorder in HS and College) to then put it back on.
The one that had low levels of anxiety pretty much all the time.
The one that cared so much what others thought that if I wasn’t liked it would feel like my whole world was crashing down.
The one that grew up with both parents who suffered with depression.
The one that always always thought something was wrong with her because she was “different” from her peers.
The one that persevered and is now the best version of herself because she didn’t take NO for an answer.


Here’s the thing….and something I’ve found only comes to those who put in the TIME + COMMITMENT….change does happen.

Change does happen.

You just have to NOT be attached to how long it will take. In fact I believe and live this so much I decided to quote myself!

“It does NOT matter how long it takes you to get there so long as you get there.” Jenn Edden.


Fast forward 25 years later and the issue came up yet again.. you know it never really goes away it’s more a matter of noticing the feelings and not letting them control you.

This Pure Barre classic “side glute (butt) raise” took me ALMOST 2 yrs to the day to be able to implement. That’s TWO years and 175 classes or so.

Now we don’t do this particular move every class but we do it enough that I remember 2 Decembers ago when I could not move my leg AT ALL.

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I remember the emotions that came up for the first time when I just sat there and could not move.

Look at you. You can’t even move the leg. The rest of the class can. Maybe something is wrong with you? And the voice went on and on and on until I decided to SHUT IT DOWN.

Fast forward (sloooooowly) 2 years later and BOOM.


Leg lifted and moving this week. Body getting toner and toner without feeling deprived or that it’s hard work. It’s just how I live now that keeps me this way.

Difference between me and those that feel like they don’t see progress: I just keep GOING not matter how much I “slipped up” the day before eating junky stuff (that’s what my kids call it!) or if I can’t see the progress.

I just keep going.

Same goes for those cravings…..I had them most of my life but you know what, you take the time to figure out what works for you and they can be managed. (Chapter 3 of my book is dedicated to this whole idea of how I learned to kick cravings and then manage them long term. I share all my tips and tricks in my book so you might want to grab yourself a copy!¬†)


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