How many times do you vow to reduce the amount of white stuff you consume, which comes in many many shapes and sizes and liquids 🙂 and then before you know it you’re knee deep in cravings EVERY night and you’re feeling ZERO motivation to do anything about it?

If I had to guess I would say it happens to all of us at some point in our lives and for some it’s a constant silent battle!

How might I know this about you?

Well for starters I’m a recovering sugar a holic so I go through my own cycles of this AND I’m in the business of teaching women how to kick sugar and manage it long term for over 14 years so I’ve pretty much seen and heard everything.

In fact this week’s blog post is REAL PERSONAL. Joe and I just finished celebrating 15 years married, 17 years together and man did I come back from a weekend long celebration wanting more of that white stuff and a few more green tea almond lattes from Starbucks.  🙂

Was it worth it? OF COURSE.

Is it super helpful to then know how to get back off the stuff come Monday morning so I can look and feel my best without wasting weeks of my energy trying to get back on track?


Why might I be sharing this with you today?

After all don’t all health coaches have their sh*t together and aren’t we supposed to be the model for perfect health… yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

You know that little voice inside that always wants to judge what you’re doing as right or wrong, yeah that one, well, I’ve managed to shut that little baby down and get it to be a little more than a whisper in my life. Hence no matter what’s going on with my diet I still remain clear, calm, fit and for sure feeling positive knowing full well…


Truth be told, JUDGING OURSELVES and where we currently are at with our diet, exercise regime or lack thereof, success of our children, biz goals if you’ve got them IS THE SINGLE BIGGEST PROBLEM.


Imagine that!

It’s not the diet consisting of coffee, protein bars, less than healthy lunches when you’re on the go or even that late night snacking that’s the real issue. OK OK, YES FOR SURE if you want to get fit and feel your best self then we will need to tweak what you eat and drink to shrink those fat cells + pack on some muscle. But truly behind all the work I do with my fabulous ladies is this self talk mumbo jumbo you hear so many coaches and inspirational teachers speak about.

It’s about forming new thought habits in combination with tweaking what you eat and drink without dieting, deprivation or sheer will power (made up word by the way!).

And I quote from a client who just text me this week “I have to say I love being binge free, it always felt like it held me captive in moving forward in my life and now it feels like I’ve been set free from just a bad habit”~ Dawn.

You see behind every healthy, vibrant woman with six pack abs (I happen to be one of them), there is a mindset of FORGIVE, FORGET + MOVE ON. There is no holding on, regrets, what if’s, if I onlys, dammits, I’m a total loser thoughts. EVER.

You can trust me on that one.

My single most QUICKEST WAY to get out of a funk is to  DROP the judgment and ACCEPT what’s going on as being OK and actually consider that maybe just maybe it’s exactly what I need in this moment to help me get to a better place. I know, it does sound a little crazy but try it and see if it works for you too.

Eating too many chips in front of the TV or do you always need that glass of wine before, during and possibly after dinner? Maybe just maybe it’s filling a void/calming a frustration in this moment and until you address the void/frustration the chips and wine are actually serving a real purpose :).

But the MINUTE you judge yourself for having those late night chips or several glasses of wine you lose the lesson.

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Ever yell at your kid for doing something “bad”? In my house we call it “being creative” especially if we’re referring to the middle spirited child, Caitlin Concetta. The minute I yell at Caitlin she freezes up and tears come. There is NO room for a lesson to be learned.

But I noticed when I stop and crouch down to her level and gently ask what happened and why she performed her latest “creative act” without judgment but instead with curiosity, I noticed she opens up and there is an opportunity for a lesson to be taught.

“Caitlin did you ever consider that if you write with PERMANENT markers on the table and the paper is super thin that the ink can actually bleed through onto the table and stain mommy’s favorite farm table forever??? The answer is consistently ” I never thought of it that way mom. I’ll try and remember that next time”.

See, a very different outcome will happen as a result of bringing curiosity and dropping the judgment.

(Here’s me with my 3 kids and their cousin at the Bronx Zoo this summer. Yes I had a lick of their ice cream and yes I still felt great the next day!)


After dropping the judgment on yourself, see if you feel a little freed up energetically and if answers start to come to you about what’s next. Please leave a comment below if you feel inclined to do so. I love hearing from you.

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