The Holidays are HERE!

They come every year whether you want them to or not. For so many it’s a mix bag of emotions. On one hand you love the joy of the season and gift giving and on the other hand, you know the Christmas season comes with…well… the relatives and that knot you get in your stomach that comes right before Thanksgiving and doesn’t go away till after the New Year.

Yeah. That one. We all have our stories. .

The one about the in laws that you don’t get along with or divorced parents who no longer speak but you now have to pick which one you want to spend the holiday with. 

As a certified health & empowerment coach for over 14 years I hear a lot of stories about the pressure to make small talk with the relatives and to fit in by eating and drinking things that you normally you wouldn’t touch.

I have learned SO much about getting along with all types of personalities and not just surviving the holidays but really thriving so that when it’s all over I look and feel my best and can still zip my jeans all the way up!

So with all that said I would be delighted to share with you my all-time top 4 tips that I share every Christmas season with my coaching community that keeps them feeling confident, in control and might I dare say, enjoying the Christmas season!


Top 4 Tips to ENJOY the Holiday Season

1. Clear Your Mind

Work out, take your favorite yoga class or do whatever it is that clears your head the day of your holiday event. When you go to a party feeling your absolute best you will show up differently and your energy will be such that even if you come across a draining moment or two you’ll more easily be able to rebound. Promise.

Another way to say it is to go to parties with your energetic bank FULL therefore if you need to withdraw a little energy from it to talk to your ex or that relative you simply don’t see eye to eye with you will have plenty of energy to enjoy yourself the rest of the party. The last thing you want to do is be on empty and then leave a party feeling depleted. Come with more than you need and leave with just enough.

2. Seek out those cousins and family members that the conversation just seems to flow… and let the rest go!

You know the scenario where you bump into your Great Aunt Rita who just wants to have small talk about herself, her 4 dogs and that boss that just doesn’t seem to appreciate her. And you’ve decided to attend the party because you haven’t seen your family in a while and you thought it is the right thing to do.

Solution: Allow them a few minutes to feel heard and chat and then plan your quick exit by excusing yourself and moving on. It does no one any good for you to be polite and stay in conversations with people who just don’t get it. You owe it to yourself to seek out other like-minded people to spend a majority of your time chatting with, you know the ones where after you finish chatting you feel better than when you started!!

3. Never go to a holiday party hungry!

In fact, quite the opposite. I always teach my clients to be sure they eat a high protein breakfast and lunch and drink plenty of water (about ½ your body weight in ounces) before attending any holiday parties. There is nothing like being at a party hungry where blood sugar is swinging all over the place and dinner has just been delayed 50 minutes and now you’re hands are stuck in the pretzel bowl and you’re starting to feel extra moody.

This is one of the biggest reasons people gain weight around the holidays. They “save up their calories” for the party throwing off their hormones and metabolism and then they end of overdoing it big time!

4. Don’t make it about you at all.

Focus on others and getting to know that distant relative that you maybe weren’t sure you had anything in common with so you never approach them to chat. And while this is a must for surviving the holidays, it’s also an awesome tool for the dating scene! I can’t say how many times I’ve learned something about someone that I might not have thought I’d get along with but then took a genuine interest in them and asked some really cool questions that brought us closer.


Now go ahead and follow these 4 tips and in no time you’ll be thriving through the holidays with your relatives and surviving will be a thing of the past!



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