I think it’s time someone shed some light on the topic of how to really flatten your tummy. There are so many misconceptions and flat out lies in the media and from “health experts” that I had to make this a focus as we move into the new year.

If I had a penny for all the times I have been stopped and asked how I’ve gotten into the shape that I have. Some women don’t know me and others know me since high school and are amazed at the level of tone and ahem, shrinkage, I’ve experienced in my lower body.

The biggest misconception of all time is that the scale knows best and that if I can just get that number down to where it was years ago I will shrink my butt and thighs and fat behind my arms.


I look the way I do and I’m not obsessed with working out every day or how many calories I eat in a day!

Wait! What?!

Yes, that’s right.

For those who know me personally I will be in the gym 3-4 days/week and I now take a yoga class but let me be VERY clear…I will workout hard 1-2 days/week tops and then the other days I’m there to keep my head in the game. By no means am I fixated on having to be there and for a specific amount of time, lifting a specific amount of weight doing arms one day and then legs the next day etc, etc. You’ve probably heard these complicate plans before.

Now onto the food aspect, for sure I eat clean most of the time and I reduce chemicals which is very important but I do NOT count calories. Let me say that again. I do NOT count calories and eat salad all day long.

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Let me be very clear so that I don’t misrepresent myself or any of this information I’m sharing. If you have a significant amount of weight to lose and if you don’t have a good grasp on eating till you’re satisfied then yes, you may need to food log until you start reconnecting the stomach to the brain but that comes with FOCUS and FOR SURE with cutting out chemicals.

Chemicals of any kind cut off the mind’s ability to know when to stop eating. YUP. Ever eat fast food and not be able to stop, yet you eat your own home cooked food and know when enough is enough? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm.

What is MISSING from what so many health and fitness experts talk about when it comes to losing weight and KEEPING IT OFF or how I talk about it with my clients is that they’re LEANING OUT. It’s less about weight on a scale and more about getting lean and mean.


Let me say it again. What is always missing when a woman gains back all the weight and more is that her MINDSET was never fixed.


Wait! I can hear you now…are you kidding Jenn, that can not be all it takes…you said you work out, you eat clean doesn’t that stuff count???

My answer: YES IT DOES and good luck keeping up with a gym routine consistently like I do or eating clean when the going gets tough and the holidays come and the schedule gets tight! It doesn’t happen for most women. Simply put, they cave.

The reason I don’t cave and why I stay consistently lean, strong and injury free at 43 years old is because my MINDSET IS CORRECT.

CORRECT MINDSET = LEAN FOREVER. My recommendation is to find support that helps get your mindset in the right place and stop counting calories and obsessing about how many calories you burned on the cardio machine yesterday.


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The real deal on flattening your tummy! The biggest misconception is that the scale knows best & that if I can get that number down to where it was years ago I will shrink my butt, thighs & arms.

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