And I know I’m not alone in having them so for those who have some fears that keep them from living their best life this is for you!

As you know I left NY last June, sold most of our stuff and bought an RV to travel the country with my family for the year.

Insert Corona-virus no one saw coming and being “stuck” in Flagstaff, AZ for the last 8 weeks while we wait for the country to open back up and my sanity is being pushed to the edge.

Joe and I decided to start hiking the mountain behind our campsite. Why not? I’m not a huge hiker but heck, what else is there to do in the afternoons!

I remember the FIRST time we hiked together and not feeling safe. I kept checking behind me thinking “no one is out here, I mean no one…what if someone comes up from behind and mugs us. I can’t see myself doing this alone!”

(Yes that was a real thought. When you grow up in Brooklyn, NY you learn to think this way to keep yourself safe. You can take a girl out of Brooklyn…).

But I digress…

Something else you don’t know about me is that I can get lost very easily. Yeah. Not everyone is gifted with an amazing sense of direction. That’s one of Joe’s greatest gifts thank goodness.

So my other fear being out here in Flagstaff and hiking Mt. Elden is that I could get lost so easily hiking. The trails go in all different directions and a few times I took the lead while hiking and Joe needed to course correct!

But here’s the thing and the reason I’m writing today. Fear is not real. Fear in many cases is just a learned behavior such as my initial thought hiking on the trail with Joe all alone… that came from my childhood.

Fear is JUST…

The day I realized that was the day I used fear to FUEL MY DREAMS.

Fast forward 8 weeks of hiking accompanied by Joe and I decided yesterday I was going to not only hike but run the loop of Mt. Elden…. ALL BY MYSELF.

I decided it was time.
I knew the trail.
And fear is just an illusion.

I worked up my lungs to handle running at 7500ft above sea level and I was just going to do it! I was going to face my fear and be a better person for it on the other side.

(Not to mention all it’s corona crazyness has made me feel… well… flabby and out of shape and Jenn Edden doesn’t get out of shape so I figured it all just made sense to start hitting the trails hard!!)

So what if you used this time to bust through your fears so you’ll look and feel your best self when the virus is gone and we look back on this lock-down as one big personal growth moment in time??

I see far too many vibrant, successful, beautiful women burying their fears in wine, chocolate and whatever else they can get their hands on.

I say, let’s do what we need to to bust through our fears and be our best selves even during lock down!!

You with me??

And if you’re someone who doesn’t want to go it alone + has no idea where to start but you now you had ENOUGH of what’s not working… we’re always here for you when you’re ready.


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