As a former frustrated woman who secretly used to think “why am I working out but still not looking toned like that other woman at the gym!”, I am here to shed some light on the situation and help you get results from the gym.

From my own personal experience and from looking around the gym at all the “hamsters running on treadmills”, I would say that the INTENSITY and DURATION OF INTENSITY is what’s missing in most gym goer’s workouts.

And of course it kinda goes without saying (but you know I will)  you’ve gotta ADD the weights and WATCH THE DIET…truth be told, abs ARE made in the kitchen not at the gym.

And since today’s article is specifically about the gym and working out I’m gonna focus on what goes on at most gyms… people look like hamsters running on treadmills with no excitement in their eyes to be there. Most just look like they “want to get this done”. Yes?

When I talk about INTENSITY, I mean your heart rate is in the “active phase” and by that I mean you are barely able to have a conversation with the person next to you on the treadmill. If you can still talk, it means you are burning fat, but just barely. If you can’t talk at all then you’re most likely just burning off the carbs from your last meal.

Women running

By DURATION OF INTENSITY, I mean to stick around in this “active phase” for about 30 minutes at least three times a week and now you’re going to start seeing some results. Of course listen to your body and what it’s telling you so if you are feeling light headed or needing a quick break, take one. Let the heart rate come back down, catch your breath, take a sip of water and then GET RIGHT BACK TO IT!

If you can make it about ONE hour of interval training combined with weight  training now you’re moving into getting tone which is my favorite place to be.

TRUTH: If you don’t switch things up (in both your mind and with your routine) you won’t get results. How many times to we just stick with something because it’s what we’ve always done? Example: you go for a jog because that has always been the way you’ve lost weight!.

For those really serious about adding in a weight lifting routine and seeing results, I recommend getting a personal trainer for just a few sessions until you get into a routine with the right weights and you begin to understand how to work out your different muscles groups to feel the burn!

Women lifting weights

Give it a few months and your body and mind will start to get used to a routine (again)so you will need to SWITCH IT UP.  A sure sign of your body getting bored with something is when your mind gets bored!

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We tend to get bored so we lose interest in working our bodies out. We then blame it on ourselves that we somehow lost motivation. We didn’t lose motivation. Simply put, we got bored!

The key is to KEEP switching it up so that you beat the boredom. 

In the summer, go outside to exercise. In the colder months, take an indoor spin class with an instructor who is fun to look at :).

And if all that wasn’t enough to digest in one article do your best to have FUN. You can’t expect your body to shape up if you’re not happy! Period.

Ask any expert, your cells are listening and if you’re secretly telling your body “I can’t believe I’m so fat” or “why haven’t I lost the weight yet?”, do you really think you’re going to ever lose the extra weight? Hell no. I’d rebel too if you spoke to me that way.

Here’s to a tone, happy (and healthy) YOU!

Till next time…

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