Are you confused by the dietary advice out there?

You should be.

I know it confuses me.

I swear it’s meant to be that way.

This time of year you’re getting hammered with weight loss advice, get skinny advice, lose that Holiday Weight advice. If your not overwhelmed this time of year you’re in great shape. When I’ve had enough of the stupidity I tend to want to write about it and get it out to the masses hence the inspiration behind today’s post.

  • Not all bodies are created the same
  • Everyone has a different metabolism
  • Everyone has different preferences
  • Not one diet will work

Yes, I have guidelines that work for majority of people such as getting gluten and dairy out or keep it to a minimum and that wine is keeping the fat around your middle. No matter HOW much you exercise but not everyone is ready to hear that.

  • Some just want a tweak.
  • Others need to majorly overhaul their diet and are ready.
  • Others thought they were ready but really that snack at night is their lifeline while they figure out their divorce.

Who’s to judge how someone finds their way?

Certainly not me.

But if you follow all that advice out there you will for sure be left feeling less than, deficient, like you should be doing more, taking more out of your diet yaddah yaddah yaddah.

How about this year you start out differently?

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In 2018 you stop what hasn’t been working, you get off the get healthy by just eating less bread and go on a diet train everyone else is on and you take a look at your life through a new lens?

I call it a FRESH PERSPECTIVE and it’s what I happen to specialize in.


  1. Take out a pen and paper now and simply write down what you want to accomplish in 6 months around your health + life in general if that works better. When I do this and simply set a time for 5 minutes so much more comes to mind then if I just think about it.
  2. Next is to prioritize the list and pick the top 3 things that you’re excited about (or frankly the thing that’s been most frustrating- that works too!).
  3. Last but not least it so write down 1 action you will take to move you in the direction of where you want to be in 6 months.

I elaborate on this in my book, big time, and in each chapter there is an action step associated with what you’ve read so you’re constantly taking small action steps.

Do you have a copy of my book: Woman Unleashed ….Maybe you want one for yourself or a friend. It’s available on Amazon & Barnes and Noble and has all my tips and tricks for kicking and managing cravings for good. It just might be that fresh perspective you’ve been looking for.

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  • Full set of notes and handouts after each call.
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Contact me for the details and let’s schedule a call to chat.


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