At first glance you might be thinking “What do you mean Jenn, what do I eat? What kind of questions is that?”

Eating is a very personal question to so many people, I know. It’s almost as intrusive as asking a woman “how much do you weigh?”

In fact, I noticed during the Olympics a few years back that there was no issue with displaying a male athlete’s age, height AND weight, but when it came to the female athletes all they shared was age and height?! If a female athlete’s weight isn’t being shared, then what message is that sending to the general public?

I catch myself all the time talking about my weight and what I eat because to me it’s a normal topic and I have no attachment to the answers. The key words here are having no attachment.

(After giving birth to my third child my weight hit the 132 mark and seemed to be really happy so I went with it…).

I say it to my clients ALL the time…putting on weight is just a symptom of what’s going on in your life that is out of balance.

When my weight goes up a few pounds rather than thinking badly about myself, I usually check in and start to investigate what might have caused it beyond the obvious answer “it must have been that handful of cookies I ate at 9pm all last week :).”

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Because BEHIND the eating of cookies (or drinking wine) is something much bigger that needs your attention if you’re willing to go there…and is truly one of the secrets behind real weight loss.

6 Simple Questions To Help You Understand Those Night Time Cravings

  1. Are you tired and looking for energy to get you through some last minute tasks?
  2. Are you bored and eating gives you something to do to pass the time?
  3. Did you get in an argument with a loved one and now you just feel like throwing it all to the wind (night time is when our “willpower” is the weakest)?
  4. Are you doing something at night that you don’t enjoy doing and the food helps you “get through it”?
  5. Are you an in-the-closet worry wart and eating calms you down when the night time worries come on?
  6. Did you skip a meal today which caused your blood sugar to dip and now it’s trying to correct itself with a craving for something sugary?

And don’t think for one minute that eating is ALL emotional, although I must admit that answering the above 6 questions usually helps my clients get some answers to their nighttime craving issues.


I have seen on many occasions that there is a physiological reason you are craving sweets, wine or even salt at night and until that gets corrected you will keep having those cravings and the weight will keep coming on!

I’d like you to start becoming a Master Improver versus being so quick to get down on yourself or trying to simply work out more to burn off the excess night time calories…you know those calories always catch up!

So what does all this mean to you today? Cause you know I’m all about taking action… just wait till you read my book coming out in last Spring/ Summer. BE on the lookout.

IMPROVE YOUR LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES….one small tweak at a time.

Your cravings are knocking on your door asking you to do so! It’s up to you now to decide how to answer them.




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