Truth be told, for what feels like forever I wanted to be fit thinking that would make me happy. I tried to get in shape always blaming the latest binge for never quite reaching my goal. It always felt like it was just one more carrot stick or workout away. And for sure I’d have glimpses of feeling happy but they were short lived and always seemed to be much shorter than the bad mood I once again found myself in.

This only sounds weird if you can’t relate. For many many women they know exactly what I’m talking about and scratch their heads never quite arriving at the answers to the age old question “will I ever be happy”.

Today I felt the overwhelming urge to share with you how I literally feel good most days – and not just when someone is calling me or I post a pic to Facebook :).

I genuinely enjoy my life and feel peaceful or what others call happy. I personally don’t think someone can feel happy all the time and for sure getting fit is not the answer to happiness. I I think what women are striving for but just don’t have the wording right is to feel peace-filled in any given moment.

  • The feeling that all is going to be OK.
  • That they are on track for reaching their goals.
  • That what is happening in their life in this moment is exactly what needs to happen.
  • That their kids, if they have them, will grow up to be the best they can and that our job as parents isn’t to control them but rather to keep them safe and teach them values that will serve them in life to make the best decisions for themselves.

You might be wondering what ANY of this has to do with addiction. Well, follow me on this…

I find that women who take care of themselves, are fit and have peace of mind have become addicted to something and that something is FEELING GOOD.

They draw a direct correlation between their actions and their mood. And that my friends has been my secret sauce all these years after having kids yet still finding a way to find some balance in my life and time for myself…hence my body is just a reflection of that balance and I guess you can say, I’ve become addicted to feeling good.

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I was talking with a new client last week, and as most women who seek out my help they have hit the point where they’re frustrated from their lack of progress in the area of looking + feeling their best selves and for sure they can not figure out how to kick cravings which they know are sabotaging their results.

I share some secrets with her that I wanted to also share with you in the hopes they are just the answer you’ve been looking for.

Did you know that truly healthy, fit and joy filled women have figured out how to do SELF CARE in a way that works with the rest of their lives. It’s a tricky balance that may involve some sacrifice (but not too much) in order to make it a win-win in their world.

Here I am at the beach with my daughter. Not just talking the talk but also walking the walk!

For example I put my kids to bed around 8ish and by 10pm I am almost always in bed sleeping on week days. Could I stay up later? Sure but then I compromise my ability to get up the next morning by 5:30am and hit the gym before the kids go to school.  I’ve got working out as a self care tool that I keep in my life consistently. I do this about 3 days/week because if I don’t then usually work or some other obligation gets in the way and I don’t like to let my workouts take the place of other things I spend my time on. They matter but not more than other areas of my life so I get them in before other stuff has even half the chance of making me think twice :).

Truly healthy, fit women all have some “rules” they follow that helped get them fit however they don’t feel like rules. They feel more like a way of life that helps them look and feel good without deprivation or denial.

Here is my quick list of things healthy, fit women are addicted to…


1 – They weight training regularly or do some sort of movement 3-4x/ week that challenges them physically and/or mentally.

2 – They eat clean most days and save special occasions or gatherings for “letting loose” because they know that good nutrition helps them look and feel good and letting loose, while fun, has its drawbacks the next day or even week!

3 – After letting loose they always reel themselves back in before they don’t feel well. They never get to that point and they NEVER feel bad for choices made.

4 – They just keep going and don’t look back on what happened yesterday. Truly healthy and fit women don’t bother thinking about that. They are too busy looking ahead. What is done is done. Today is a new day.

5 – They don’t view self care as a maybe.  It’s part of their routine because they value themselves and know that self care feeds their addiction to feel good

6 – They don’t care what others think if they don’t go along with the crowd. They do what makes them feel good because after all they’re addicted to feeling good so that’s all that matters :).

Was there something you read that resonated with you and got you thinking that it’s time to start thinking about this whole weight loss concept in a different way? If so, I’d be delighted to chat and see if my approach, also known as the Sugar Freedom Method, will work for you! I’ll be honest it’s not for everyone, but for those who it’s right for, it’s like magic…giving you the results you’ve been searching for for years. Let’s get on eachother’s calendar and see what we can do. Click on over to my schedule and an application so I get an idea of what’s going on.

Not ready for that? I totally get it.

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Today I felt the overwhelming urge to share these 6 things fit and healthy women are addicted to and how I literally feel good most days because of them.

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