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You know what matters more than your diet to shed weight?!                                                                                               



I can hear it now. You’re either thinking, “Jenn, that’s interesting tell me more” OR, “that makes no sense!” 🙂

You see the MINUTE you do something that doesn’t feel good or goes against common sense you start to feel unhappy and unsettled. 

It’s subtle at first but over time it takes over and you decide to “throw in the towel”.

It’s not that the diet didn’t work, it just didn’t work for YOU.

You are unique.

You love to bend the rules.

You like to have fun. 

You are intuitive . 

You go with your gut. 

The issue is that the diets you’ve tried go against each of those qualities in you. 

Diets aren’t unique.

Diets don’t let you bend the rules.

Diets don’t promote fun. 

Diets go against your intuition. 

Diets shut down your ability to use your gut instincts. 

I remember talking with a prospective client who was considering the Sugar Freedom Method and she asked if the Method was restrictive because the last diet she was on restricted her avocado intake. 

You could hear a pin drop on my side of the phone as I listened to the sorrow in this woman’s voice as she shared what she could and could not eat including her beloved avocados!

How could something she loved that’s healthy have to be restricted because it didn’t fit the “plan”? No one even took the time to test if that food was affecting her negatively. 

What this particular diet did was steal her HAPPINESS! 

Do you know what happens to a woman who’s not doing things that make her happy?

She tends to eat and drink in a way that the body holds on to excess weight. 


I would know. That was me. 

Never ever able to figure out how to stick to something that gave me long term results… I remember going on yet another shake cleanse in my early 20’s to try and melt off the weight from my thighs! And I had a lingering hemorrhoid condition (that I’ve since healed on my own!) that no conventional doctor could figure out. I remember that was the last cleanse I ever went on disguised as doing something healthy. 

Wanna know where the Sugar Freedom Method REALLY came from?

…My lifetime of failures!

Each time I failed hard it became another step in the Sugar Freedom Method!


Because the 5 steps of the method taught me where I kept falling short of my goal! 

Step 1: Visualize what you want… I never had a realistic goal for what my thighs could look like so I was always striving for the unattainable.

Step 2: Clarify it… Reading a label and taking out sugar was just 1 ingredient that was poisoning me. 

Step 3: Tune into it… Everyone said I looked fine but I knew I could look and feel better and that my body needed to heal. 

Step 4: Live it… I never had a life when I was losing weight. Learning how to have a life while maintaining my weight was mandatory. 

Step 5: Love it… I always felt like something was missing from my life and until I figured that out food was always my comfort. 

Bonus Step 6 is all about gut health. 

You with me ?

We recently visited Sanibel Island and the hubs insisted on snapping off a pic…I don’t really like em’ but you know what, it’s nice to appreciate yourself. Bikini body or not, find your happiness! The bikini doesn’t bring me happiness. I’m already happy and the body is just a reflection of that. 

My simple thought for you today is to take a look at your HAPPINESS FACTOR and if it’s not where you want it to be, change something!

OK? 🙂



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