Everyone I know is talking about JLo and Shakira this week!

Even if you didn’t watch the halftime show or watch the Superbowl you probably have heard something about what went down! Women are outraged over the pole dancing, the choice of attire, the provocative moves…

Not gonna lie, I had my moments of “that wasn’t exactly necessary, but I get it. We’re looking for the “wow” factor to keep careers going and for people to talk about JLo and Shakira.” They definitely accomplished that.

You wanna know what I took from the Super Bowl halftime show??!

An absolute appreciation of 2 women who take good care of themselves and that a body doesn’t have to age quite as fast we believe it does!!!


I also appreciated myself.

What a concept.

Why as women can’t we appreciate ourselves more?

I’m not a celebrity.

I’m 45.

No trainers.

No chefs.

No personal masseuses.

No touch ups or tummy tucks

Heck I don’t even have a formal exercise routine anymore living in an RV these past 7 months…and I look and feel pretty dam good.

Day in and day out it’s just me and the hubs and the 3 kids and the work I do for a living as a Sugar Addiction and empowerment coach! ❤️

(In case you’re new with me here in my community I posted a recent pic of me and the family. Honestly nothing bugs me more than women who don’t do what they preach…but that’s for another day!)

Bikini or no bikini, see through body suit or no see through body suit, short shorts or no short shorts, I say LET’S TAKE BACK OUR POWER AND SELF WORTH as women one Super Bowl half time show at a time!

You with me?


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