Ever wanted to do something really really badly and then, well….it happens. You do it!


After 10 plus years of coaching, my life’s work as a health & empowerment coach has arrived….. in a book about 166 pages long and it’s available on Amazon. TODAY.

Woman Unleashed: The highly sensitive woman’s guide to radiant energy, unstoppable confidence including a 21 day plan to kick sugar’s hold on you.

I have coached hundreds of thousands of woman who all struggled with the same things and now, the answers are all written in an easy accessible book jam packed with thought provoking ideas and action steps.

Sometimes in life there are no words, just feelings. This is one of those times.

Life is an interesting journey and what I find is that if you PLAN YOUR WORK, FIND SUPPORT AND KEEP TAKING ACTION then day by day your dreams can become a reality.

Today is my day!

Click here to see it on Amazon and get your copy


Maybe I can help tomorrow be yours?

Come check out Woman Unleashed if you’ve ever wanted to:


~ live inside my brain for a day and wonder how I “do it all”

~have sustained energy that lights up a room

~kick cravings and know exactly what steps to take when they return

~never let others get you down again because well, you feel unstoppable

and last but certainly not least, KNOW THYSELF,  KNOW THY WORTH (chapter 1 of the book).

With love and gratitude and all that good stuff!

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