I just finished up with a few client sessions where women were feeling like they’re doing SO MUCH already and now with the holidays upon us, what’s a girl to do with a plate that’s already FULL!

We talked about how they were going to navigate all the extra activities and for sure the SUGAR and if they had kids then how they were going to support their kids in reducing the amount they consume now that they fully understand the damage it does waaay beyond weight gain.

I could feel the anxiety building just a little thinking about doing anything more than they’re already doing...running a biz, a household, taking care of themselves, for some staying happily married 🙂 etc …

All those conversations got me thinking about the bigger picture which then turned into me wanting to write about it so I could reach MORE women and help bring sanity to the upcoming holiday season.

How many times do we take it all on and then suffer the consequences later on– absolute exhaustion, bloating, too much wine, late night munching even tho we know better, that 3rd cup of coffee to make it through till the evening…

We tend to think we need a bigger plate to fit everything on it when in fact we don’t!!

There is even a saying to go along with the insanity – “want to get something done, give it to the busy person!”.

GREAT. Now we’ve made it socially acceptable and potentially financially rewarding (if you’re running a biz and are looking to boost profits thru increased productivity) the job always goes to the woman who can get the most done.

Well, I say let’s STOP THE MADNESS.

It’s killing our waistlines, sex drives and leaving women thinking their bodies have failed them when in reality, it’s their over busy schedule that is truly the underlying cause of all the weight gain, water retention and mood swings.

Here’s a concept I’d like to introduce to you today that I’ve used in my life to find some balance (and sanity) while juggling a biz, family life, keeping my body in rocking great shape and a 15 year marriage that I truly enjoy working on.

Here’s me on a mini solo vacation to Hollywood, CA to visit one of my besties from college earlier this month. And yes, I drank and ate what I wanted for 5 days…it’s possible.

What IF when we start to get super busy with work, the kids, after school activities, the holidays we DID NOT find ways to expand our plate and add more stuff to it.

What IF we actually made it SMALLER.

I know, crazy right?!

But stay with me, it’s thought provoking for sure!!

By smaller plate I mean…

  • We say no to more stuff that will only stress us out and leave us with no time for ourselves.
  • We don’t allow our kids schedules (if you’ve got them!) to rule us and make us crazy come 6pm and we’re running all around the world as a taxi service. We find another way!
  • We allow ourselves to put our feet up mid-day– oh yes I did!- and take a breather to reflect before the second half of the day comes upon us and before we know it it’s 9pm and we can’t figure out why a glass of wine (or 2!) feels mandatory.
  • We book MORE self care time when the going gets tough ( I am known for this. I increase my massages. I book more date nights. I take more mid-day breaks and yes, I eat cleaner for more energy!)
  • We DELEGATE more to the point where we might even feel uncomfortable. This is a biggie for women. “I can do it myself” is a little too familiar for most women including myself.

With the first of many holidays upon us in the coming weeks, the best way to counter the desire to eat or drink our way through them all (come’on you know it’s true!) is to start rethinking the size of your plate and the laundry list of Must Accomplish and REPLACE IT WITH “It Can Wait and No Thank You’s!


Bonus: An awesome fall recipe: Black Bean and Quinoa Chili



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