jenn bikini jamaica

I know what you’re thinking!

What gives?

Why the pic of me in a bikini? When I came up with the title to today’s blog post I wasn’t referring to the Jamaican palm trees when I said you’ve gotta SEE IT to own it!

Let me explain……

I’ve been told on several occasions over the past 2 weeks that I’m “buff” and look how tone I am. This all came what I thought to be out of the blue.

My repeated response has been “are you talking about me?”

“Haven’t you seen the cellulite on my thighs or the flab that hangs off my arms when I swing them?”


THEN it hit me yesterday.


If I really want that healthy glowing body I’m always talking and writing about and if I really want that life I’m always thinkingĀ about then I have to SEE IT to OWN IT.

You’ve heard the expression “OWN IT GIRLFRIEND!” haven’t you?


I never really sunk in what they were saying. OWN IT.


OWN WHAT exactly?


In my case I get to OWN that I work really hard at loving myself and working out and eating clean and taking time often for self care and THATĀ is reflected in my body.


Up till now I still had an old image of myself: butt flabby, big thighs, stomach that is poofy and arms that weren’t very defined.

You might be laughing or thinking that I’m crazy. Can’t I SEE the pics?


Well, let me tell you friends BODY DYSMORPHIA is real. Even for me, a health coach and recovering
sugar addict for over a decade.

You have to constantly work at seeing things in the present moment now how they used to be.


If you’re relating to what I’m saying let this be your wake up call today to STOP IT.



Own your beauty inside and out.

It’s not narcissistic or showy. It’s not egotistical.


It just IS what it is.


You can’t have what you want if you don’t allow yourself to SEE IT. It will just keep eluding you like that diet that just never seems to work for the long haul….

buff body jamaica


This is me on my 40th birthday. OWNING IT. Allowing it in. My husband asked to take my picture and I said OK… I’m not a huge fan of the camera with me in a bikini despite my genuine smile.
What have you been wanting to own that you continue to deny yourself?

Make a list and then start to OWN THEM one by one.

The funny thing about this vacation was that I only had dessert one night and even then
I didn’t really want it. I ate the sorbet in a yummy coconut flake shell because I was afraid I would
regret not having had it while on vacation.

And this is coming from a girl who would have dessert after pretty much EVERY meal growing up and
well into my 20’s!


Till next time….


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