Far too many brilliant, sassy, successful women struggle to get their cravings under control so I decided to shed some light on why that is.

If you didn’t know it, the brain is a funny little creature. It’s always looking to complicate that which is quite simple.

Here’s a perfect example….I was asked to present at a conference last September and I remember my brain trying to over complicate what I was asked to do. I became nervous and my mind started to run away…

“What if I don’t say the right thing?”
“What if I make a mistake?”

I remember catching these unhelpful and totally useless thoughts and thinking to myself that I was asked to share MY STORY OF SUCCESS.

How could I possibly get that wrong??

It’s with that same thought about how the brain works that I’m sharing my 3 truths to curb cravings for wine, chocolate and chips

TRUTH 1: Cravings aren’t some creature that has taken over your body and are making you eat all sorts of stuff you promised you wouldn’t! Cravings are simply an imbalance somewhere in your body, mind or spirit.

TRUTH 2: Depriving yourself of certain treats by going on a diet isn’t going to make the cravings go away forever. Diet is just one piece of the cravings dilemma so do yourself a favor and ease up on yourself and what you’re eating!

TRUTH 3: If you don’t look at the emotional component that’s involved with having cravings for your favorite glass of wine, treats or chocolate then you will never fully solve the cravings dilemma that is sabotaging your goals to lose weight, tone up and be healthy.

Get your diet + emotions in balance and now you’re one step closer to a life of being in control of cravings! Miss one of those 2 components and you’ll be on the crazy diet and exercise train your whole life.


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