Ughhhhhhhhhhh. That’s how I feel when I hear people say they NEED to be more disciplined after the holidays and into the New Year.

  • That their clothes feel a little tight.
  • That they didn’t keep their new year’s resolution.
  • That they will try harder tomorrow.
  • That they always feel like they let themselves down.
  • They they need more motivation.
  • That they just need to take all the sugar out.
  • That they just need to exercise more.
  • That they just need more time.

It’s always SOMETHING – yes?

The truth of the matter is it is NONE of the things I listed above. That’s where people go wrong.

What it’s really about is COMMON SENSE.

Something I truly believe we’ve been marketed the heck out of and therefore we no longer can fall back on good ol’ common sense.

My job as a sugar addiction and empowerment coach is to break down OLD habits and cravings for sugar by using COMMON SENSE…. so much easier to stop doing things because they are downright ridiculous when you take a good hard look at them versus trying to be disciplined and “good” all the time.

That’s just plain B-O-R-I-N-G and you my friend are anything but that!

Here are some of my common sense family sugar “policies”. Ask my kids, it’s not about mom saying NO all the time, it’s about using your head so you stay healthy when you’re older and you always feel your best!


4 Common Sense Sugar Policies


If You Don’t Feel Well Don’t Eat Sugar


When we don’t feel quite right and for sure we can feel an illness coming on we do NOT eat sugar or processed food until symptoms have relieved themselves! Period.

I taught my kids what sugar actually does in the body. It disables the immune system for hours with each teaspoon of sugar (4 grams = 1 tsp)  so basically your body is left DEFENSELESS against fighting whatever virus is in your body! Why would you want to make yourself sicker?


Eat Real Food


Real food doesn’t come in a bag or a box with an expiration date of 1 year. Real food is either raw or needs a little cooking and will spoil if you leave it out for too long. Eat more real food that you cook at home so you can monitor the ingredients and hidden chemicals and sugar.

Did you know that manufacturers aren’t required to share all ingredients? If there is a trace amount I believe less than 1% they can leave it out. Hmmmmm. 1% adds up over days and weeks and years!! The day I taught my kids to eat real food and when I started eating 90% real food my whole life, mind and body changed forever.


Sugar IS Addictive


If you eat it today you will want it tomorrow so don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s a one day affair. I am all about keeping it real in my personal life and when I coach clients. If you work with me or have even had a consult with me, I know you’re shaking your head as you read this 🙂 Sugar IS addictive.

It’s not your fault that you want it again. Your body literally craves it. It would be smart if you want it in your life on occasion the way I have it in my life to have a set of tools that allow you to get back off it whenever you want. If you have your own way of doing it that works I’d love to hear it. Please leave a comment below. If you don’t have a set of tools you use that work you might consider a chat with me.


Eating Sugar and Chemicals Makes You Tired and Cranky. Period.


Don’t believe me? Go ahead and take out all chemicals for a day or two, skip the coffee that gives you fake energy so you can really feel what it’s like to eat the stuff OR come see me to do my 21 Day Clean Eating Challenge and then add all the sugar back in after taking it out for about a week and tell me how different your mood and energy is.

Not to mention sugar and processed food in general are DIRECTLY related to belly fat, cellulite + PMS as well as acne and aches and pains in the body. SO go ahead and have it but for sure check in with yourself about how you’re feeling afterwards.


The Proof


A client this week has such a reaction to eating Milk Duds that upon having 2 she immediately got a headache. She’d been off all junk food and chemicals for a while so the body has a severe reaction which helped her never want to eat them again. Before working with me it felt like deprivation or a diet to not eat that stuff.

Ask her now how she feels… and I quote “well, that’s an easy one. I’m not having those anymore. Look what they’re doing to me!”  Did she use discipline? I don’t think so. Common sense? Absolutely!

So next time you think that discipline is the way to go and you start blaming yourself for not seeing results THINK AGAIN.

And should you want some support but don’t know where to start how about a complimentary 30 minute chat with me: reach out to me here. As anyone who has come to chat with  me, no strings attached. If we’re a good match we’ll talk options. If not, you will walk away with a few new ideas on where to begin! Here’s the link again.


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Avoiding sugar is not about being disciplined it's about this! Ughhhhhhhhhhh. That's how I feel when I hear people say they NEED to be more disciplined about sugar - it just isn't true!



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