Can You Love Food & Still Have The Body You Want?

I hear this one all the time… “but Jenn, I LOVE my pasta I could never give that up or I just can’t give up my wine at night, it’s my sanity.”

My other all time favorite excuse for why people don’t get the body they secretly crave and want is ” Jenn, you look the way you do because you work out all the time!”

I’ve got news for you friends and you may have heard this before:

Body You Want

At least mine are. How many people do you know who work out several times/week and their bodies literally never change. I mean like never. Maybe the weight goes up a pound or two but their pants size remains the same. How they feel about themselves is nothing less than frustrated and confused about the amount of calories they are burning and how that is not affecting the scale in any large way.

So to answer the question, that I initially posed:


Can you love food and still have the body you want?

The answer is absolutely and with 100% conviction YES YES YES.


After all I’m Italian and for sure I have a deep love for food. In my house food was love. If you weren’t feeling well, a little home cooked soup from mom always made it better with a piece of Italian bread from the local salumeria.

Here’s the thing I want to mention because it is MUCHO IMPORTANTE so pay close attention:


It is ALL about the right timing.


  • If you want that pasta because you love it then GREAT. Go for it but maybe you need to hold off until I help you stabilize your blood sugar levels and make sure you don’t have a food sensitivity to wheat because those 2 things alone will cause crazy cravings, cause you to bloat and halt your weight loss efforts!
  • Or for those without a wheat sensitivity, you may need to only eat pasta on weekends because adding it in here and there during the week and for sure eating it after you workout (even though you just burned all those calories) is halting your weight loss efforts taking the body out of fat burning mode every day!
  • And maybe you LOVE wine. Great! I’m not about taking away your fun and relaxation and enjoyment after a long hard day. But maybe we don’t couple that with a starchy vegetable and bread that evening because both of those raise your blood sugar levels and the wine will only increase the sugar in the blood causing your body to store sugar as fat versus use it’s own body fat as fuel.


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I see countless numbers of women do cardio/barre class/run/play tennis 4-5 times/week for at least 1.5 hours at a clip and still see no results. Know any of those women? Maybe that woman is you.

The trick to getting in great shape isn’t quantity alone, it’s more a matter of QUALITY, CONSISTENCY and WHAT YOU EAT BEFORE AND AFTERWARDS. Just ask any personal trainer who is in super fly shape.

They’ll tell you what they do OR you can listen to me, a mom of 3, in amazing shape for having been thru pregnancy thrice. Balancing a life, a biz, 3 kids and all that goes into raising them. When I can’t fit in the workout because my schedule literally won’t allow it, I eat SMART for me.

Body You want

Now that my friends is where I leave you today. Find what works for you and stick with it.

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