You might be wondering what this thing that I’m calling Crime Against Wisdom is all about?

Well, let me explain…

I was in yoga class the other day and my yoga teacher started talking as we moved through the poses that as women we have this special connection with each other and with this inner wisdom also known as intuition and that we tend to ignore it or not even know it’s there to access at any time!

  • You know like the time you had a bad cold or were exhausted but you went to workout class anyway because you felt guilty about what you ate or drank the night before?
  • Or the time you dated that guy even though you knew he was bad for you but you did it anyway?
  • What about that purchase for that dress or pants that were “on sale” and you figured it was good deal even though you knew deep down you weren’t sure what you would where it with or you even had shoes to match.
  • Or the other time you knew that eating that cake or drinking that wine would make you wake up groggy and feeling icky but you did it anyway?
  • What about when you “power through” your days even though your body is begging for a break or a vacation but you justify that you need to increase revenue, get back to that client promptly so you delay time for yourself which leaves you adrenally fatigued and seeking a doctor’s care for hormone imbalance?
  • And last but not least how about one of the most common crimes against wisdom I see all the time and even one I am guilty of from time to time especially during the holiday season…. you justify not making time for yourself to sit and eat a proper lunch so you run around all day and then wonder why your body is screaming for CHIPS, WINE and COOKIES and all that good stuff that makes the body and mind happy (at least initially till it wreaks havoc on you the next day).

Intuition is a funny little thing.

It can be super subtle or more obvious like my medical schoool story I’m about to share if you keep reading!

Intuition is in all of us. It’s something we are born with. it’s our birth right to use it to guide us through life. And women waaay more than men can access it. Frankly I’m not even sure all men have it to be totally honest. The men more in touch with their feminine side can assess it from what I’ve seen.

Unfortunately for many women, including myself for many many years, that ability to tune in and listen was shut off, shut down and I didn’t even know it existed. Over time and with plenty of soul searching through yoga, retreats, workshops, coaches, massages and I’m sure a whole host of other things that don’t even come to mind right now, I started to get back in touch with “HER”.

After all she’s the one that nudged me to jump on a limited time opportunity to write my book: Woman Unleashed. It didn’t come from me…it came from a much much more enlightened place. The place that never gets it wrong.

For me I started to get in touch with my intuition more deeply when I got accepted to medical school in Fort Lauderdale, FL back in 1999. I will never ever forget the day “she” spoke to me. It was the loudest she had ever spoken and I just couldn’t ignore her this time. She said “get out quickly before you rack up so much debt that you won’t be able to leave!”.

You can imagine how shocked I was as this thought came to mind AS I WAS DRIVING  TO THE CAMPUS ON MY FIRST DAY OF MEDICAL SCHOOL!. I was angry, furious, sad, frightened that I had worked so so hard to get there and then this voice from deep inside was telling me to GO, RUN, SEEK SHELTER, DO SOMETHING ELSE WITH MY LIFE because this wasn’t my true calling.

Wait? What?!

I came home for Christmas in 1999 and gave myself the time and space to listen to her while sitting in my room back in New Hyde Park, NY.  She told me that wasn’t my calling and that I’d be really miserable if I kept on the path. Not to mention the $250,000 in debt I would need to pay off over the course of my lifetime!


You know what….  6 months into the program I made the hardest decision of my life. I left. I asked for a 1 year leave of absence in case I changed my mind and never looked back.  I said good bye to friends who continued on the path to becoming a doctor and I went home and started a new journey which has led me here.

I landed at job at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation within the next year. I met my husband as a result of working there, survived a gas explosion that propelled me literally into my health coaching profession. I graduated top of my class and the rest is history. Through the birth of 3 kids I’ve kept my biz alive and thriving constantly shifting gears to stay in the best shape of my life while raising 3 beautiful kids, writing a book and having a thriving marriage and biz ALL of which take tons of energy hence my last blog post if you missed it…“how to have radiant energy!”


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So let me take this moment to share with you how to ACCESS YOUR INTUITION and to let more wisdom come back into your life!


She comes in a whispers.
She comes in “coincidences”.
She comes to you early in the morning or late at night.
She comes to you through your cravings.
She comes to you very strongly the week before your period.
She comes to you during meditation.
She comes to you when you give yourself enough quiet time to hear her.
She comes to you right before you’re about to make a bad decision so you second guess yourself.
She comes to you in cancelled appointments that keep happening.

With all that said, I know it was a lot today, I’d love for you to take a few minutes and share in the comments section below what YOUR INTUITION IS TELLING YOU TO DO THAT YOU HAVEN’T BEEN LISTENING TO?

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What's your crime against wisdom? As women we have this special connection with each other and with this inner wisdom also known as intuition and that we tend to ignore.

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