I love love love when I get input from my Coaching Community so that I can address
all those false facts (kinda an oxy moron I know) that we’ve been spoon fed all these years.

It’s come to my attention that many successful, intelligent, well intended women have the same thoughts about diet and exercise.

You are confused about why you don’t have that body, life, business or diet you want and why
you always fail with any diet or exercise program you start.

Simply put you think you LACK WILLPOWER OR MOTIVATION.

This idea could not be any more FALSE.

And you don’t have to believe me. Just ask any successful, happy, fit
woman (or man) who runs a profitable business, manages a family and has a body they L-O-V-E.

I happen to consider myself one of those people after 10 years of running
my health coaching biz through the birth of 3 kids and back down to my pre-body
look and feel….well, almost….3 kids really can do a number on your mind….but I digress!!

And since I’m a skeptic, and think people preach about things they know nothing about :)… here’s a pic of me back in December taking a vacation with my awesome, heartfelt family who I simply could not live without…ahhhh. Jamaica.jenn bikini jamaica

Ok, so back to WILLPOWER and MOTIVATION.

Do you want to know where true weight loss and a healthy balanced diet 
REALLY come from??

Wait for it….

Wait for it….

It comes from:

*not putting others needs before yours all the time so you FEEL GOOD.

*saying NO to things that don’t make you happy so you FEEL GOOD.

*giving yourself down time to rest your mind so that you FEEL GOOD.

*someone teaching you how to kick the cravings so that you experience life OFF sugar

*finding a job or career that gives your life meaning and makes you FEEL GOOD.

*having a spouse or partner that makes you FEEL GOOD.

*adopting a mental attitude that makes you FEEL GOOD.

*finding an exercise program that makes you FEEL GOOD.

*having a spiritual practice that makes you FEEL GOOD.

SO often we spend so much of our day NOT feeling good that we wonder
why oh why we lack motivation or will power to do the things we say we want when
all along we’re focusing on the wrong stuff.

When you FEEL GOOD you will naturally be inclined to keep doing the things that make you feel good!

When you FEEL UNHAPPY about your life you’re gonna run for the mountains with a potato chip bag in one hand and a glass of wine in the other…


(I always tell my clients that knowledge is power but if you don’t actually do anything with it it’s useless.)

Choose ONE TRUTH from the list above and commit to making a change in the next 24 hrs.

It’s all about baby steps..and here is your step 1.

With Gratitude,


Jenn Edden, CHHC
Sugar Cravings Expert, Speaker and Stubborn Weight Loss Coach

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