Did you know that sugar can affect your mind and your motivation big time?

Sugar can make you feel high and then have you come crashing down!

I’d like to put aside for the moment all the health implications of eating sugar and just talk about the mental side of it!

So many times women come see us with low levels of anxiety that came after their 30’s or after having kids. They know it’s not who they are yet they can’t seem to get a handle on it.

Did you know that anxiety starts to correct itself when we…

1. Eat a diet appropriate for ourselves
2. Fix our gut health
3. Get the right exercise
4. Learn how to rest
5. Take on a new relationship with stress


I still struggle with feeling low. It comes from a family history of mental illness, anxiety and depression and even nervous breakdowns. Yup. We’ve got it all.

But here’s the thing and THE reason the Sugar Freedom Method was born! I learned tricks, tools and strategies to function high while I was feeling low.

Then I figured out how to not feel so low anymore so that I could even out my emotions and stop all the highs and lows without being on a diet… I call it the “grey area“.

You’re not high.

You’re not low.

You’re just living without being obsessive. That’s a new place for many of the sugar addicted women who come see us and learn to kick and manage their sugar addiction.

I remember one time a Sugar Freedom Method member reported that she didn’t know what this new feeling was but she wasn’t sad or frustrated with herself. She felt content and had eaten well the day before and overall had a good day.

We are so used to being on a diet or off a diet, sad or happy that we don’t know what to do when we just start feeling GOOD!

To me that is when life REALLY gets lived- in the every day.

Not to mention it’s so much healthier for the body to not go from cleanse to binge to cleanse anymore!

The way to be productive on days when you’re feeling down is to not take your emotions so seriously. Just know “this too shall pass” because they always do and just go about your day being as positive as you can knowing tomorrow is a new day.

And if you can do your best to eat as much fresh fruit and veggies as possible on your “down days” that always helps boost your mood naturally versus what processed foods, soda, wine and chocolate do to us…they bring us up and then they bring us crashing down!

Are you ready to function high in your life (and biz if you’ve got one) while feeling good more often?

All it takes is making a decision you’ve had enough and then getting the right support! It’s totally up to you how you want to get it, just know it’s possible!


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