It’s what secretly runs so many women and causes them to decisions, that frankly, don’t support their health and honestly makes them downright miserable.

I spoke about this in the Sugar Freedom Method a few weeks back and wanted to be sure you saw it too!

(It’s one of the things we first tackle when you join us! Guilt causes uncontrollable cravings for carbs and wine and for sure will keep that weight on for an eternity.)

Guilt is so powerful that we just keep doing what we’re doing and not saying what we need to out of feeling guilty for possibly hurting someone’s feelings.

Here’s the thing with guilt. It is something I’ve come to appreciate isn’t actually mine. It is taught.

Take that in for a moment.

Who in your life taught you that feeling guilty is a good thing to do? Was it your mom? dad? caregiver?

It’s always someone. For me growing up in a Catholic, Italian household with more mental illness than I care to talk about guilt was something that was given out as candy when I was growing up! So I did what any kid would do, I took it as TRUTH.

So on this beautiful Wednesday let’s GIVE BACK our guilt and let’s take back our power and say what we need to this week… GUILT FREE.


If you’re feeling like your guilt feels deep within your cells and it’s not as easy as I’m making it out to be then consider hitting us up for a Sugar Freedom Strategy Call.

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I say, what’s the BEST that can happen? You get your freedom and peace of mind back!?


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