Welcome to another INSPIRATION MONDAY!

It’s that one time of the week where I share my wisdom on permanent weight loss that I’ve picked up over the past 15 years as a recovering sugar addict, mom, biz owner and integrative health coach.

I’ve noticed the more I share my struggles and challenges the less women feel alone and defeated so with that intention I’m sharing the lo down on what happened to me last week!

Let me be the first to remind us all that there is nothing wrong with us. Life is meant to have it ups and downs and good days and bad days.

This past week was in the category of a  “bad” week. 

We were staying in a state park in Cohasset, Massachusetts where the wifi barely works, there are no playgrounds or a pool, we don’t have full hook up to run all our electricity and we have to move the RV every 2 days to dump our tanks.

Oy vey!

We chose this campground because it was the closest one to our friends we were visiting so we decided to just suck it up.

With all the limitations at the campground and my family totally being out of their normal RV routine I found my stress to be higher than normal. That caused me to pick on foods I typically don’t crave. In fact I’m really not a picker anymore!

Would you believe I got on the scale Friday, after being at the campground 6 days and it went up 4lbs!

Now keep in mind I add some movement to my life almost every day and my diet wasn’t THAT overloaded with calories to have put on 4lbs of fat.

(Side note: This is the EXACT reason I created the Sugar Freedom Method where I teach women how to live a busy life with real life stress + manage their cravings + have a body that they feel good in!!  I teach in a way that it’s possible! Please see P.S if you struggle and could use a few new ways to connect with me. Life doesn’t have to feel that hard).

The whole reason I’m sharing this is to point out that there is NO way the body could put on 4lbs of fat from some picking here and there.

It’s impossible.

My caloric intake wasn’t that much more than usual. I didn’t put on 4lbs of fat as most women would have thought from being “bad” or not exercising enough. I was beyond stressed and that can do funny things to the body.

Truth be told I put on 4lbs of INFLAMMATION.

That is a huge distinction and one I want to point out to anyone who has ever had a stressful week, indulged a little more than usual and then the scale jumped up 5lbs in 1 week.

Or women who have had a stressful week and didn’t really change much in their diet yet their clothes felt tight come Monday morning! Hint: cortisol can do that to you!

So next time you have a less than stellar eating week and your belly feels a little puffier than usual and your pants won’t zipper, don’t be hard on yourself!

Instead send some compassion your way knowing that your body took a hit and is inflamed and that the minute you start bringing it down by making some needed dietary and lifestyle changes the scale will go down too!

(We decided to leave 4 days early and find a top 13 RV resort in the country to change it up! :-D)



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