I was talking with a girlfriend recently and she was working herself up into a tizzy about gaining weight during Covid19 and how she can’t exercise like she used to therefore she can’t help but gain weight.

I felt the urge to shed some light on the fact that there is NO such thing as the “Covid15”

Don’t buy into it. 

You hear me? 

In the picture above this is me on the left over 4 years ago and on the right just last month. (I personally think I look better now… 4 years the wiser :-D)

I’ve been living in an RV with NO formal exercise routine for a whole year. That’s right. 

  • NO fancy weights
  • NO exercise classes
  • NO barre classes
  • NO hot yoga

Just me and a diet that works for me that keeps inflammation down while keeping my energy up enough to do yoga, ride a bike and keep up with my 3 kids. 

You do not have to exercise in order to keep the weight off. It’s a myth so calm yourself down right now knowing that when you eat in a way that works for YOUR BODY you won’t put on inflammation in the form of water weight on the scale.

That’s what the Sugar Freedom Method teaches to help women be free in all areas of their life including what they put in their mouth! Now if you’re having issues controlling what you eat and drink that’s another story and we can help with that but for sure eating food does not make you gain weight. Only when it’s done in a way that’s hurting you.

Do NOT buy into the hype of it all that you must exercise 5 days/ week, starve yourself and all the other nonsense the diet and fitness industry sells us. 

You do you. And I’ll keep doing me. 


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