Sometimes if feels like everyone is talking about them but no one is ever finding any relief from them. No? I can recall growing up and having cravings uncontrollably at night while watching TV and simply giving in without a thought. Then as teenager, having them in college and munching my way through my 4 years studying late night.

Then my 20’s and 30’s still having them and starting to feel annoyed that they are still there and I don’t want to give in because they always cause weight gain (and that bloaty feeling the next day) but I had no clue how to not eat the cookies, cake, banana bread or green tea latte’s from Starbucks.

Maybe you can relate? Even a little bit?

If you’re new to my work, maybe you don’t know that all the information I share always comes from my 12+ years of coaching women and what I’ve seen work with them (and myself of course!).

So without further ado come check out (AND TRY OUT!) my 7 ways to to manage your cravings… hope they work for you the way they’ve worked for countless numbers of women I’ve coached over the years.

7 Ways To Manage Your Cravings

High protein meals – eating high protein meals is an effective way to help manage your cravings. Protein helps stabilize your blood sugar and a lot of times blood sugar swings throughout the day are the reason for uncontrollable 3pm and evening cravings!

Water with lemon – great way to jumpstart your morning and your metabolism and get you off on the right foot. Miss my blog post or Channel 12 News interview on Lemon Water…check it out here

Do not snack between meals instead eat bigger meals that sustain you – you are less likely to grab something junky and loaded with sugar which only starts the cycle all over.

Don’t get super hungry – for sure don’t let yourself get super hungry when you do you open up the door for an impulse buy and that’s usually….drum roll please…..SUGAR of some sort. Yes? A mid afternoon coffee with sugar in it or a vending machine “snack” loaded with chemical additives which by the way cause cravings….but I digress.

Work out. Hard. Get those endorphins pumping so you get a natural “high” from working out not from the sugar which you might not realize is giving you a similar “high” every time you eat it. On a side note, so does being on electronic devices..studies have shown it lights up the brain and makes you feel “rewarded” when you get another “like” on a post or comment on a picture ….hence sugar (and our not so itty bitty phones) are addictive!

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If you do feel like having sugar eat a piece of fruit instead – preferably organic whenever possible especially if we’re talking about apples, strawberries, cherries, grapes…click here to see a full list of the Environmental Working Groups 2017 list of the dirty dozen foods to only eat organic

Go to bed early and sleep. Rest will help reset hormones that tell you when you’re full and keep you satiated – they are called ghrelin and leptin. Ever notice that you feel like eating way more on days when you didn’t get enough sleep. YEP. It’s related to those hormones!

BONUS: I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that little “S” word that gets thrown around all the time when you hear people talk about health. They always say “learn how to manage your stress”! blah blah blah blah.

Well, this may be yet one more reason to learn some new tools to manage your stress….WEIGHT LOSS and keeping those 2 hormones that I just mentioned above, ghrelin and leptin, in check. When we feel stressed out and all of a sudden have the urge to grab a cookie it’s because your ghrelin (stress indicator) hormone just increased in your body and it signals you to crave sweets. I know! Crazy. Here’s the article so you can read it yourself .



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Come check out my 7 ways to to manage your cravings... hope they work for you the way they've worked for countless numbers of women over the years.

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