The end of last month was rough!

Ever have a few weeks like that?

Joe was away for days so I was left to take care of the household, kids, the biz and well, life in general.

We are not machines… we are human beings and we need to treat ourselves as such.

When we don’t and we just power through… the body will NOT drop the excess weight! Cortisol is way too high and inflammation will stop the body from releasing the weight. Not to mention our cravings for sweets tend to go up which make it even trickier to eat clean.

I hope that makes sense!

I shared this pic a few weeks back and wanted to include it here to honestly make the point that the body and energy we want is WITHIN our grasp.

This pic was taken in August when I had access to no weights. No gym. No hot yoga. No HIIT or spin classes for almost a year.

I was reminded of this the day Joe snapped this off and I want to remind you today that you don’t have to over exercise to look GREAT when your diet works for your body and you don’t even have to have a “perfect” diet to get there.

And yes that includes having a day of eating ice cream, drinking wine or having a week like I did end of September where I was eating chips and ice cream!

QUESTION: Does that help give you clarity for where true health and true permanent weight loss comes from?

The beauty of the work I do and why I can’t stop talking about the Sugar Freedom Method is because if I didn’t have the tools to pivot last month I would have typically put on 10 lbs by now and would have been disgusted for at least a month. 😀

INSTEAD what happened was a 2 day eating sprint on processed foods and then done! I moved on and my body was nearly unaffected.

Let’s recap:

  • we are not super human, and that’s OK
  • when we’re feeling burn out it’s important to give ourselves a break
  • what can we do to prioritize ourselves more?

I say go enjoy this beautiful day and if you’re feeling tired go give yourself a break and notice how that affects your cravings + your waistline!


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