My inbox has been flooded with emails from people attempting to sell me weight loss programs (they all look different but the concept is typically the same!).

And if I see one more commercial telling me to buy a piece of exercise equipment I’m going to bust!

Real permanent weight loss doesn’t come from counting macros, going Paleo, or taking more HIIT classes. Real weight loss comes from YOU.

You are the only person who can figure out what’s going on with you and what’s getting in your way and if you need to exercise more, eat less of some foods, eliminate others totally and change up your schedule because the way you have it now you don’t have a minute to breathe!

It’s NO wonder no diet or exercise program has never fully worked to date!

How could it?

You haven’t figured out what works for YOU yet.

Figure that out and you’ll never ever ever put that weight back on after you lose it. And if you do put on a few pounds like I have these past few weeks (family stress is the devil in disguise!) you will know EXACTLY what to do to take it off without guilt, stress or disgust of self.

This is the reason why I created the Sugar Freedom Method.

It teaches you how to:

  • -stop sugar cravings dead in their tracks
  • drink wine on your terms
  • tame your schedule
  • say goodbye to guilt
  • tune in to yourself and stop replying on others to tell you what to do
  • eat foods that work for you and no one else!
  • drop the weight (and inflammation) while still eating foods that taste good
  • stop letting wine and desserts control you
  • heal body dysmorphia
  • enjoy the one life you have!

Here’s what a few women who said YES to themselves and the Sugar Freedom Method had to say…see if you can relate to any of them…

“Although I am around food situations that involve crap, I am feel totally free from temptation. I also feel so much more empowered, , do not take things personally, I am practicing mindfulness every day. “

“SFM for LIFE! Your program is the answer to my lifelong unhealthy cycle of emotional and disordered eating! I am a lifer with you and this amazing transformational experience. Six months and going strong, with new revelations every day! “

“I had tried Paleo, keto, every type of exercise, barre class, hot yoga you name it! But nothing ever stuck except the weight that I so desperately wanted to lose so I could feel proud of all the hard work I was putting in. On top of this I haven’t been sleeping well in nearly a decade, had a lot of pain and general frustration with myself. Jenn’s SFM was straightforward, concise and the community of women were so helpful and empowering.”

“I have to say I am totally loving this whole experience! I set out on this 30 day journey … and wow! I didn’t and don’t expect to nail it…. have been eating clean meaning no packaged food… and then bam… fell off the wagon and hit me like a ton of bricks. Went to Panera had what I thought would kinda work… man did it mess me up!!!! I live and learn how this experience works! I totally get it when Jenn says “it’s no joke”. This is soo true it’s like eureka!! Holy sh.t! I feel a huge movement and can see the light and it is a beautiful thing for me and sooo what I needed to wake my ass up. I can go on and on but this is AMAZING!”

Don’t be fooled into thinking one size fits all programs and diets will be the answer this time.


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