I’m a sugar addiction expert and permanent weight loss coach for over 15 years. I help women figure out how to lose the weight in a way that avoids some quick get slim scheme and then I teach them how to keep it off. That’s the hardest part of any weight loss program- the maintenance.

Anyone can go on one of those diet programs where you buy their food and just follow the program until the weight comes off…the hardest part is navigating the waters AFTER you hit your goal weight or for many as you’re starting to lose the excess weight, how to not sabotage your results.

  • To eat it or not to eat it?
  • How to I navigate going out with friends to dinner- to give in or not give in?
  • To drink or not to drink?
  • You don’t want to be a bother and special order food at dinner so you just suck it up.
  • Summer barbecues with so many tasty treats can I have just one?
  • To have that lick of ice cream or pass on it?
  • What about those nighttime snacks that you want to have on occasion?
  • And who can forget that popcorn at the movies…

That’s where I come in. My super power is helping women navigate the tricky waters of permanent weight loss. it might not happen as quickly as those diet programs but the weight will stay off if you learn my tools and apply them! Applying them is the trick and in order to do that you have to be committed to a healthier life than you currently have. When you commit in that way what I teach becomes easy! Before you read on please don’t be fooled by the simplicity of my tips. When applied properly they work big time! 😀


Jenn’s Favorite 5 Weight Loss Tips So You Never Diet Again


Get a handle on your stress and find tools that will help you relieve it so you don’t turn back to comfort food which will cause weight gain. No one ever eats a little comfort food. It’s always late at night and you go way overboard. Not to mention stress increases cortisol levels in the body and when that happens we not only have increased cravings but the body becomes inflamed which does not support your weight loss efforts!

Make exercise a part of your life not something you have to do. When you make a genuine lifestyle change and decide being active is an important part of your life you’re less likely to quit it. And when that happens you will find moving your body feels more like fun than something on your to-do list and you will stick with it! When that happens your body will begin to detox on a regular basis and now you’re not only getting healthier but slimmer too!

Make sure you have enough fun in your life! When you’re working too much or not taking enough breaks during the day we tend to look for ways to “treat ourselves”. That typically looks like sweets or wine which will inevitably cause cravings for more the next day…. at least that’s been my experience. And sugar gets stored very quickly when eaten in large amounts which leads to weight gain and more cravings for sugar… ugh… that darn viscious cycle we all know too well.


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Make drinking water a natural part of your daily routine. So many people drink water as part of a weight loss program and the minute they reach their goal they stop drinking it or they wait till they’re thirsty to drink and by then the body is totally dehydrated. Our bodies are over 80% water. We need to stay hydrated for our health as well as to curb cravings. Dehydration causes cravings so drink up!

If you love dessert go ahead and have it but make it a 3-4 bite rule. Enjoy without going overboard. No one ever put on weight from one night of enjoyment. It’s when you eat sugary stuff in excess over a period of time the body will store the extra calories as weight. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t share that not everyone can have a few bites and put down the dessert or stop drinking the wine. If that’s you then you most likely have addiction in your family and you can’t follow the same “rules” others follow. This is where my 5 Step Sugar Freedom Method comes in handy… you can check it out here… scroll all the way to the bottom to access the Masterclass and learn what my private clients already know about sugar addiction and how to beat it!

Who needs a restrictive diet when you can truly have the body and health you want so long as you have a few rules in your life that are meant to give you FOOD FREEDOM not take it away.

I invite you to use my tools, apply them daily, stay conscious when you’re indulging in something sweet and make having fun a priority in your life. You will find that life becomes sweeter than your food and how you look becomes more addictive than that pumpkin scone in Starbucks!


OVER TO YOU! If you read something that piqued your interest and you’d like to know more about my work and how I help women just like you beat their sugar addition, hit me up for a sugar freedom strategy call and let’s see what we can do together.

And as a reminder, and a motto I live by, with support ANYTHING is possible!


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