I don’t know about you but I don’t like making mistakes!

I mean they’re inevitable and for sure they help us grow but for sure when I make one I always think to myself “Jenn! Make a note to self to not make that same mistake twice….what do you say?!”

Funny how when it comes to our health and specifically when we eat sugar we can make the same mistake over and over and over again even though we know better.

Wanna know why?

Because sugar (and alcohol) are socially acceptable legalized drugs for many women I know.

—-> Not drinking at a party? Likely response: “are you feeling ok or worse yet… are you pregant?”

—-> Not having a slice of birthday cake? Likely response: “she must be on a diet!”

—-> Not having a glass of wine when out to dinner? Likely response: “Come on, stop being good and drink with us!”

Social pressure to conform is real and if you’re greatly affected by sugar and alcohol the way I am (and the women in the Sugar Freedom Method are), just know you’re NOT alone.

If that’s you, maybe it’s time you chat with us…we’ve got many ways (scroll all the way to the bottom) that we can help. In the meantime…

Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Cutting Back On Wine + Sugar

Mistake #1: You don’t get help because you think you can do it yourself. What you need to do is go hire someone who understands addiction and has figured it out because obviously is you could figure it out you would have already.

Mistake #2: You drink coffee and think that’s liquid so you must be hydrated when in fact caffeine dehydrates you! Dehydration causes all sorts of problems in the body. What you need to do is make it a habit to drink more filtered water consistently.

Mistake #3: When symptoms get worse after cutting back on sugar you think you’re doing something wrong. Often symptoms get worse before they get better! What you need to do is track your progress so you can look back and make sense of what’s going on.

Sugar is a drug that affects not only the body but the mind so once you start cutting back it will psychologically draw you back in to eat it!


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