Today I wanted to talk real quick about why you might be feeling bored with your diet. Now when I say diet I don’t mean being ON a diet. What I’m referring to is the food you’re eating in any given season.

Welcome to Fall!!


(I’m writing to you from sunny AZ so it’s a different kind of Fall but nevertheless what I’m about to teach you applies!)

Did you know that it’s important to rotate your foods seasonally?

And that you can actually get a food sensitivity to your favorite foods if you don’t rotate them from time to time?


I swear so many of the issues we face with our cravings and weight could be resolved if we just rotated our food more and didn’t allow the “but I really LOVE this one food” to take over our diets 😀

Come on!

I know we all feel this way. I’m a peanut butter girl myself!

I truly believe this is why so many women come see me who used to feel good in their 20’s and 30’s and then something just happened. They can’t put their finger on it but their bodies changed and they can’t get them back.

They also tend to worry more than they ever have before and cravings are off the charts!

Yeah if you can relate just know you’re not alone.

This happens to so many women I know and while there are many factors that contribute to the body and mind feeling different than we remember, rotating your food is one simple and easy way to avoid food sensitivities.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s about eating seasonally and locally. That is the rule of thumb.

The following foods are the ones that are in season now and that you might consider making a part of our diet:

  • Root vegetables: carrots, squash, pumpkin and sweet potato
  • Whole grains: brown rice, quinoa, oats and millet
  • Legumes: beans, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans.
  • Green vegetables: broccoli, spinach, kale, celery, rocket and artichokes
  • Fruit: apples, pomegranates, citrus fruits and pears
  • Fish: sea bass, cod, sole and haddock
  • Herbs: ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, basil and dill.

I’ve read somewhere that eating salads as the weather gets cold is like wearing a bikini in New York in mid-February 😀

You just don’t do it!

I’ve gotten asked if I still eat salads as the weather gets colder and the truth of the matter is that I don’t! And I’m a salad girl so it’s always a struggle at first to make the switch but my body just doesn’t want them so I need to listen!

So what do you think about considering changing up what you eat… you might just find that helps those nagging cravings.

What do you think you’d change up?



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