True story about Fast Food.

Last week…

“Mom, we’ve never had fast food. I really want it. So many other people have had it. I just want to taste it and decide if I like it and how I will feel after I eat it”. ~ Caitlin 6yrs old


“Let’s go to Wendy’s!” ~ mom

” WAIT. WHAT?!?! ~ kids

“Sure let’s order something and see if you like it. But remember I want you to see how you feel about 1 hour after you eat it. That is when you will really know how good the food is.” ~ mom

Fast forward 20 minutes and $18 later and 2 baconator’s + 2 small fries.
(Side note: when did fast food get SO expensive…but I digress!)

“Mom I can’t eat this it’s SO greasy. Here you eat it.” ~ Luke 8 yrs old as he hands me back the box and burger.

” Mom I don’t like this. Here take it back. I only had 5 bites and I had enough” ~ Caitlin.

“Mom can I go home and have a treat because I know I can’t eat this stuff because I’m not well enough yet?” ~ Sydney 3 yrs old.

Fast Food

Well as you might guess I was surprised by their reaction and at the same time I know a few things about taste buds so I was hoping that they wouldn’t fail them during their fast food “taste test”.

Let me explain: From years of research helping women kick sugar I noticed 2 things…

FIRST: As women began to feel healthier from eating healthier they naturally craved less junk food. The food they use to not be able to turn down – fast food, candy, cookies at night and yes, even wine- was less of a thought. Imagine that!

SECOND: At around the first week of starting my signature 21 Day Reclaim Your Mojo Clean Eating Challenge their taste buds started to change. Yes, you read that right. Taste buds can actually change – meaning your body has the ability to eat certain foods and for them to taste differently over time! This was one of my coolest revelations ever.


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All this kinda makes sense for those who have kids and might recall the pediatrician telling you to keep giving your kids the same food to just “taste” over and over and over again because eventually they will like it.

Or if you’ve ever gone on a so called diet where you ate only plain food for a long time, you almost got used to the taste of food not having a lot of flavor. That used to be me. My mouth would be shell shocked the minute I would hit the local TGI Friday’s and have some nacho’s with guacamole, sour cream and cheese. Talk about a chemical overload!


Fast Food


YOUR SOLUTION TO KEEP CRAVINGS FOR CRAP AT BAY: Eat clean food – clean food being defined by organic food as much as possible not coated with sauces (they are mostly sugar and chemicals if you read the label), excess sodium ( I’m talking about table salt here. Sea salt has trace minerals which are actually good for the body) and sugars (oh man, they are in everything with about 50 different names to keep you guessing) that coat your tongue and fool it from wanting foods that are good for the body. The way past this is to eat those other foods anyway till the desire for the healthier foods over ride the crappy food desires.

Oh and tongue scraping couldn’t hurt. Yeah you read that right. I buy all my clients the stainless steel kind.

WHAT MY KIDS TAUGHT ME ABOUT FAST FOOD: Your taste buds don’t deceive you even if you’re being told (or sold!) all around you that something is absolutely delicious…. “happy meal” anyone?

My kids learned the truth. Fast food is crap. It tastes like crap and their taste buds know best!

While I specialize in sugar addiction as you may know,  I am finding a certain pull these days to helping the younger generation learn how to stay healthy. After all they are our future.

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