Does ANALYSIS PARALYSIS cause cravings?

This is something I’ve pondered on more than one occasion and now that I’m in 6am hot yoga 4 times/week the revelations are literally pouring out of me…you know, you’re in your head all day thinking about all the stuff you’ve got on your plate to get done- biz, wifey/mom stuff, house stuff, life stuff…and then WHAM-O, it’s 8pm and you can not for the life of you stop thinking about what sugary snack or drink to have?

My type A friends and for sure my clients who have come to see me have suffered from things such as:

  • Overthinking what needs to get done + getting overwhelmed by it all
  • Comparing yourself to others and your lack of
  • Remembering old sh*t that no longer serves you
  • Taking action based on past experiences (well, I ate crap yesterday so I guess i can do it today!)
  • Not taking action for fear of what if I fail or I don’t succeed or if no one likes my work

So let me ask the question again- does analysis paralysis cause cravings?

I. Bet. It. Does.

But you know what, I’ve seen clients manage those cravings from getting out of the habit of over analyzing and for sure have more peace of mind from not having all that sugar in your system. Truly does mess with your mind.


So a question I get a lot is “Jenn, it’s one thing to know you’re in analysis paralysis but it’s another thing entirely to get yourself the hell out of it?”

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You KNOW WHAT? I figured it out and I’d love to share my findings with you 🙂

In full lotus position this week (for those who don’t know that’s when you’re laying on the floor with your arms and legs spread out wide and high, kinda like superman flying) an absolute calm over me. It actually took me over.

And this is what I learned…

When you’re SO focused on looking UP in life – working your goals, loving your career, reaching for what’s the next big thing you want to do to get in better share, loving up the significant other if you’ve got one, making plans to travel and vacation or even hugging the kids…
You have NO time, like zero time, to look around and compare and feel less then and be down on yourself in any way shape or form.   You just don’t

Truth, I couldn’t see one person in the hot yoga room as I spread my arms and LOOKED UP. My mind was on OFF and I just enjoyed doing the best I could without a care in the world about what others were doing.

Cause cravings


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